How to Protect Your Hands From Chapping and Cracking

When I’m cleaning windows I find that my hands get chapped and the skin cracks quite a bit. This has caused me to wear a disposable glove on my right hand. How do you all deal with this problem? Do any of you wear waterproof gloves while working? Do you know of a really good hand lotion that won’t wear off even if you get it wet? Thanks in advance!

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First question, what are you using to clean? What soap?

Sometimes Ecover, or Dawn, or GG3. The chapping usually happens when I wring out my sponge many times a day.

Find one that is not so hard on your hands, Dawn cracks my hands too but gg3 and gg4 even ecover are easy on me… May have very sensitive skin

Try vaseline petroleum jelly mixed with skin lotion, about 50/50. Put it on at night, maybe with a pair of nitrile gloves if you put it on heavy. After that, it’s just remembering to frequently use a water resistant lotion. eg. Vaseline Intensive Care - Water Resistant.

If you baby your hands they are always gonna crack, old brick layers trick, pee on your hands to toughen them up. Not something I would do.
I have seen it happen all the time when guys first start their hands are not used to being wet all the time dirt and crap gets in to folds on the wet skin, add constant movement and then drying out and you get cracks that will be quite painful.

You have a few options put up with it, after a year or 2 you will have nice resilient skin.
Keep wearing a glove, I have know a few guys who wore gloves for years and years.
Use a soap that has a neutral PH that is gentle on your hands, I use Citron.

Great question. I have tried everything. My hands don’t crack and peel, but they feel really dry between jobs once they dry out. I just use a good hand lotion between jobs or if I have to go back to the van to get something. Probable 5 times / day. I use ecover mixed with gg4 and this seems to work well for me. I can’t wear gloves as I have no feel for the glass. Just me. Good luck mate.

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My step-daughter is a distributor for Mary Kay cosmetics. They have a hand lotion called “Satin Hands” that takes several washings to wash off. And it doesn’t take much for each application.

As for gloves, I have worn nitrile gloves from day one for several reasons. I worry about leaving fingerprints on freshly cleaned glass. I feel I have better tactile sensation when detailing. And they act as a wind break on cooler days. For really cold days, I just step-up one size and wear them overtop of glove liners.

I keep a bottle of Corn Huskers. (usually located bottom shelf of lotions isle) lotion in my " chem" bucket.
Stuff is amazing!! no greasy after feeling, absorbs into skin instantly.
Apply between jobs at first or as needed, I now apply at days end.
No more chapped hands
Get weller

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I swear by this stuff. A little pricey but a little goes a long way. Try it, you’ll never mess with another hand lotion again.

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That’s what I use :). Works fine for me

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That’s what I use stuff is great ! I also just starting wearing vinyl examining gloves just need to get into the habit . My hands are the worst I get those little splits right by your finger nail mostly in the winter though very pain full . I dislocated my shoulder 8 times broke my fibia tibia arm a couple of times nose an those cracks make me cry

An old blog, but might help…
Robinson-Solutions Professional Window Cleaning: Dry, Cracked & Chapped Window Cleaners Hands, Fingers & Skin

I get examination gloves from Towels by Dr Joe. They sell heavy duty ones. Panther gloves. They’re black. I swear by Corn Huskers Lotion.

Thanks ! just ordered a dozen gym towels from the dr. Cool site! Need them for the summer hate when sweat gets in my eyes

Going to try the corn huskers too.

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The only problem I have with nitrile / examination gloves is that they not only keep the solution off your hand, they also keep the wet ( I.e. sweat) on your hand!!
Man it sucks to pull off sweaty gloves and your hand is all stinky and pruned.
Maybe that just happens in hot climates and not temp controlled areas…
I also have trained myself to " NOT TOUCH THE SOLUTIONS,"
On a good day 98% of the times my hands never get wet…

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