How to reinstall storm clips?

Do you guys have any idea how to get these all the way back in their slots? I pulled a few out too far and I’m struggling to get them in.

That little notch on the upper left of the clip has to fit in first, then just wiggle until you get the rest to align with the slots (the one next to the glass and the one where the frame rests against the adjoining frame). You have to make sure the storm is pressed in all the way yet not pressed so far that you miss your mark - make sense?


@WVWindowWashing where you able to get the clips back in today?

@Garry gave you good advice.

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Yup, just what i needed. A few still needed some cajoling, but without the direction from @Garry i woulda never gotten those back in. Only one was too stubborn, but I’m happy.