How to safely clean windows on composite decking

Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding how to safely trad clean ext 2nd floor windows on composite decking that run in a parallel direction with the ladder (looking for a possible method to prevent ladder slippage, a rubber mat?) Thanks


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Just traditional methods

I hate that decking…Rubber mat, helper to spot the ladder, A solid 8’ step ladder and a pole, from inside if possible.

I got these and have used them on slick hardwood inside and a wet deck outside with great results.


I bought one of those, and even after several months and scrub-cleaning, they still have that industrial rubber smell.

How did you get rid of it? Or do you just deal with it? I feel like the smell gets on everything it touches.

Oh yeah, definitely has that smell. I don’t use them very often and they just hang out in the back of my truck when not in use so I don’t notice it as much now. They were in the cab for the first week or so and overpowered everything. A week out in the sun might help off gas them?

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Thank you, I will look into those!!

So the smell be really goes away, huh? Good to know.

It’s definitely less now then when I first got them. I’ve had them for almost two years now, though.

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What is the texture on the bottom? Is this product any different from a rubber boot mat or rubber car mats?

I almost always have a partner or helper to hold my ladder, life is too short to make it shorter slipping on some stupid deck.

That being said in a pinch I take one of my towels, dunk it in my bucket, wring it out really hard and put it under the leveler feet. Trex is still really darn slick.

It’s a smooth texture on the bottom but the main thing I like about it is it is made from soft rubber so everything compresses with weight on it. That’s really what helps it prevent slipping.

You do have to keep the bottom clean if you plan on using indoors. I’ll usually wipe it off with a wet terry cloth before using it on any hard interior floor.

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I try to avoid ladders on that type of decking, but sometimes you just can’t get around it. We work in twos so most of the time I just have someone foot my ladder at the base when I’m not comfortable with the surface I have to ladder from. That has saved a lot of our guys from injury. Some decks though are just a no go. It’s not worth killing yourself just to wash a window for a few bucks. A slightly steeper angle on the ladder helps as well.

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I just saw these on a FB post. They seem pricey , but very small and easily stored somewhere :person_shrugging:

Water Fed will make you sleep like a baby at night…no more waking up in a cold sweat with nightmares where you keep falling off the ladder and cracking your noggin

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