How to sell WFP system

How do you guys offer your WFP system to your commercial / residential clients ? What do you tell them? do you explain the whole process of the pure water system and explain why we don’t squeegee after, etc. ???

What is your approach on the clients you already have and the ones you plan to get ?
I’m fairly new to all of this WFP process, so every help about selling this to the clients could help me a lot…

Thanks again,
Also big thanks to John at WCR for the awesome help he provided me via Facetime, although i’m a french canadian. Really appreciated…

I have to converted yet to WFP, but i would think you are selling the result, clean windows. I think how they get clean is of less importance than the fact that they are clean. I dont think I would spend alot of time explaining the process unless they ask.

With existing customers that trust you, i would just quickly explain the new process and guarantee the same quality results. Dont over think it.