How to squeegee window with 2'' frame

I am new to the industry, I was squeegeeing a window at 10ft with about a 2’’ frame. I had trouble reaching the bottom of the window with the pole. I have done some research on tools and techniques and have found that a swivel handle might be best for this.

What tools or techniques would you recommend?

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Ledger Squeegee Handles

Ledger if you’re using a pole.
Zero degree if you can reach it.

A Ledge Eez (sp?) handle works good, too, if it’s not too deep.

Here are a few video demonstrations from Mark The Window Cleaner that may help you.

[CENTER]Ledger Handle


Unger Angle Adapter


Good Luck

Thanks Alex, for this tip.

Jerry Rigdon from companion tools makes a great product in the ledger. The 7" or the 9" handle allows you to finish out your window cleanly, easily, and quite effortlessly. Every window cleaner who does pole work should have them.

I think Mark gave us some great alternatives to using a Ledger and his alternatives are more versatile.

There is always the ‘lunge and snap’ with the pole. That is, when you are about a foot from the bottom of the window, put a little extra forward pressure on the pole, then let the extra force generated when you retract snap the squeegee down and it will clear all the water down to the sill. It takes a bit of practice.
Of course I find that a swivel handle or an ettore angle adapter work better.

After watching the video, i found a couple of things wrong with it.

  1. Durability. Like he said, the unger adapter has weak points.
  2. Finishing out. When he went side to side with his zero degree, on the right hand side in the middle of the window, he left a water mark that is common when you use that method because the amount of torque required to finish properly is so great. In addition when he used the straight pull down method, his handle hit the ledge first and the squeege did not finish. This is with a very small ledge. That problem will only increase as the sill gets deeper.
  3. While the wooden tip is nice, a pulex plastic tip seems to work much better at holding the handle in place.

That being said, it is nice to have an assortment of tools for each occasion and to have options. However, for someone who does polework consistently day in and day out, there is no appropriate replacement for the ledger. Period.

My answers in bold.

Tony, The ledger doesnt constantly fall off your pole. As you know, if you have one handle per squeege, it is just as fast as the adapter. And not everyone has a wfp either. With the ledger, you are set up for inside and outside. I still have the original ledger gave me when i started with him 17yrs ago. How many flimsy angle adapters have i broken in that time? 5. 5 in 2 months. You do the math. Realistically, there is no better handle for all around use for someone who does polework consistantly. I would challenge you as far as results against the unger angle adapter anytime, anywhere my friend.

As you know Jake, I don’t use the ledger as my standard handle like you do. I’d venture to say you are one of very few wcers that use the ledger like that. So that means I’d have to carry a ledger “just in case” or a angle adapter. That’s a no brainer in my book.
Plus you started wcing w/ Jerry so it only makes sense that a ledger seems to be the logical choice.
We will have to get together sometime and we can do a video comparison of the results between a ledger and a angle adapter. I’d bet they are the same.

I use the 7" daily. I wish I had picked up at least the 9" for pole work though.

be very happy too. ledger will win every time hands down as you well know.

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