How to value small sole proprietor business with no employees

I’m going into my third year of business- netted about $10k first year, $20k second. I’m competitive locally on google my business. I have many repeat customers for both years and spring and fall. I just signed a 3 year contract for weekly cleanings that’s worth $9k a year doing an average of 3 hours a week. I have worked with an Airbnb for 2 years cleaning weekly throughout the summer probably worth about $5k. I also have about $7k annually in monthly accounts- 1 day of work per month. The resi probably 20-30 consistent customers spring and fall and growing.

I’m a one man show and I’m thinking about moving, we have been talking about this for years so it’s probably going to happen. Now I have read 1 man shows are worth nothing, I have listened to podcasts about selling and taking a cut for an agreed time frame.

For some more context I don’t advertise, I don’t pay for marketing, just organic google my business, referrals, and door knocking. I only working 1 or 2 days a month for most the year maybe 2 months full time. Most of my costs upfront were screen cleaner wfp system etc

I’m debating trying to hire someone maybe retired to do route for me, or just selling completely or walking away. I enjoy the business, I just want more out of life that my current location can’t provide.

So I’d ask if what you value this it- $4k? $15k? $0?

The thanks

It may have more value to you getting someone and it becoming a “side hustle” of sorts, esp if you find a good route person since that’s more like a pool route, predictable schedule/income etc

my observation of the biggest sale value issues can be how far apart a seller and buyers prices are reducing the worth even more if far lower than a prospective buyer’s. A low sale price can’t overcome the loss of profits a buyer would incur

So I have no expectations, like in my opinion if historically the route brings in $6k, have $9k in new contracts, $5k Airbnb and maybe $15k reoccurring. Another $2k in tools. Established starting point with competitive google my business. Looking at $30-40k revenue, maybe $5k in costs. Working 2 hours every week, 1 day per month and probably 15 days spring and fall. Hate to just close up but the reality the country and my roots are calling my name and to raise my kids. What I can buy for $350k 4 hours away costs about $600k where I am. Anyways off topic but I’d think it’s work anywhere from $5k-20k?

I’ve bought a couple window cleaning businesses from solo operators. I’ve never paid more than 3 mos average revenue. A bit more for some equipment but I was not really interested in it much since I had all my own. It’s a risk for the new owner not knowing if the accounts just purchased will stay with him or not.