How to WFP in the winter?

How do some of you guys use your WFP in freezing Temps? Do you use an addative etc?

@Pure_Water_Window_Cl ^^^

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once it’s real cold here i put it away, people turn off their taps for the winter, the pole freezes my ass freezes


I saw something about using a portable propane powered heater on a sprayer cart. No clue how it all hooks up, and how hot the water should/shouldn’t be. I think it was Kai?

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You can put an additive in a backpack sprayer or use hot water down to about - 10 Celsius without wind.

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What temperature are you typically getting at the brush jets?

I’ve been wanting to figure out how I can incorporate a similar setup in my vehicle-mounted rig, but space is at a premium. And I’m nervous about the LP cylinder being inside the vehicle, as well as how I would mount and vent the heater itself.

I think another drawback to a truck-mounted hot water setup is the amount of hose involved, which results in greater heat loss and more back pressure.

Thanks for the video. Do you have any problem with the water running onto the ground and then freezing and causing a problem with an icy walkway? I’m just trying to run through the possible problems before relying on the WFP for the winter.

Is that steam or hot water coming out of the cleaning tool?

Do you ever have problems with it freezing on the glass or frames?

WFP is not recommended in sub-zero weather. Even with hot water… because sidewalk will freeze. I have not used hot water in my pole but I have splashed hot water on the ground in sub-zero and it sticks.

Imagine the liability exposure a guy would face doing wfp in freezing weather… someone comes along and sees the nonsense going on and decides to take a tumble…

I’m actually not sure. I’ve measured it but it escapes my memory. Definitely not boiling but hot to the touch. Hot enough to heat up the glass and dry quite fast before the droplets on the glass cool down and freeze.

I’ve had a few jobs where it was quite cold and because the glass was close to outside temperature the first few seconds of flow from the brush froze instantly on the glass. Then after constant flow of hot water while you’re cleaning, the ice melts. The glass temperature greatly increases to the point where your final rinse dries before it can freeze again.

Another tip I learned the hard way is use as little hose as possible and try to avoid letting it sit in snow or it will greatly lower the temp at the brush. Also, try to use the brushes in your arsenal that have plastic jets (Gardiner fan jets, Unger Nlite) as opposed to brass. Metal jets will freeze almost immediately and plug up as you turn off the water between windows.


Never had this problem. We’re not using a lot of water. Very little even makes it to the ground.

It is indeed just hot water coming out. The steam was there simply because it was hot water touch freezing air…like blowing snow on a ski trail.


Hey fellow canuck. Remember when we say “sub-zero” to the folks south of the border it’s a world of difference between 10 below C and 10 below F.

Whenever we have runoff onto a walkway or sidewalk we are not worried in the least. It’s literally only a few drops and in the winter there’s a half-inch layer of salt and gravel spread all over the sidewalks.


Hey there, well I was wondering about that about the East Coast… I am here in Vancouver and as you may have heard we have a prolonged subzero weather so much that some guys are playing ice hockey in the side streets… with ice skates!! and this city is so unprepared for this kinda weather that there is no more salt to be had…

So I am playing it safe and staying away from any outdoor wet work…

Good to hear you can keep going through the cold…


A backpack with pure water and isopropyl alcohol in it is how I roll in the winter. Large jar of ice melt for the side walk in the van as well. I can do about 10 windows with 4 gallons.


Thanks guys, I stand corrected.

@Pure_Water_Window_Cl @BostonMike… you guys are real hero’s with your figuring out how to WFP in the winter. My hat is off to you.
Also, I realize (yet again lol) I sure have a lot to learn even after doing this thing for so long…

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I’m not out their in sub zero weather water fed poling. I don’t want people to see me and think I’m crazy. LOL
Twenty five degrees or so Fahrenheit would be my limit.

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Ok thanks man… -4C is your limit. Good to know.