How to WFP these windows

I’m kind of a noob on WFP, what is the technique for these type of windows?

get your bristles into each corner and wiggle them, you have a swivel on your pole right? lots of changing angles pf the brush to get all edges and corners


Don’t rush scrubbing or the rinsing; rinsing especially on cut ups, plenty of little spots for dirt to sit and drip down as the panes above drain off.

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No swivel but haven’t been having trouble reaching all corners

Yeah that’s the biggest problem I’m getting. They are old windows and the water almost like soaks in the wood and drips down. Is there a way to prevent this?

Not really; best suggestion would be to use a rinse bar, get as much water flushing it out as you can. Also, I find brushing the frames down with an ettore dust buster ahead of the WFP removes a lot of loose debris beforehand.

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Absolutely not, just scrub and rinse twice more than you think you should.

Rinse bars have nothing to do with your situation.



Both the scrubbing and rinsing here are more complex than usual. A rinse bar would certainly only help.

Same technique as for any window…scrub well, rinse well. If they are older windows they may leak to the inside. I love cleaning this type of stuff with a wfp, so easy.