How was your year?

So this may be premature but I just sat down today to crunch some rough numbers and it seems like we grew this year 20%. Not bad considering the pandemic… How’s everyone else making out? Our gutter guard supplier said their business grew by 25-30 % as well. Seems like work has been abundant. Lets hope next year starts off better than this year did.

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Season not even close to done but we are fluctuating between 15-20% growth.

Net is down primarily due to increase in Marketing.

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Yeah forgot to mention that our net was hugely affected also. We spend 2-3x the marketing budget we had last year. Oh well… I’m sure atleast some of those will be repeat clients.

We’ve also had a decent amount of clients drop their spring maintenance. Hopefully they will want to be serviced next spring.

I really wonder what the situation will be like in the spring… will we have a repeat of last March with sales down or are people just basically going to be indifferent like this summer/fall.

Forget worrying or predicting. Make a plan and put others out of business. :slight_smile:

Our average ticket dropped significanly this year due to lack of interior work in Spring.

If I was told we would have what we did in 2020 and my numbers were to be what they are, I would take the deal every time.


almost exactly the same as last year. Paid out more in labor, trying to get my guys hours anyway possbile. I know many folks, from many industries were AND ARE hurting in Las Vegas this year. Given how bad our March-mid May were, we Blessed and grateful.


I’m thinking 15-20% growth, which is a lot less than last year but I’m planning on alot of growth next year as I hope to actually advertise online, put out yard signs, maybe get a different web designer, and hire a person or two. I am very thankful for how well this year turned out for most is our industry.

Edit-I switched from a sole prop to llc early in the year, but my qb account for the other business was still drawing information from my new business account, so the number for my old business was very inflated. I should hit about what I did last year, but working less hours as I dropped storefronts and am trying not to work long days and weekends. All in all still feeling blessed.


We would’ve shattered last year’s numbers if not for the pandemic. Would’ve finally cracked $100k! Based on my numbers from earlier in the year, we’ll come up short about 10% from last year. This stupid hurricane cancelled two days of work for us this week, but we’re killing it this month as it is. Year isn’t done yet. Maybe we can at least match last year’s numbers.


I do not think it enough but kudo’s to us all if we are still standing. Forget numbers. Sometimes its just a W to survive

If you are reading this you are a success


The company I work for lost a a TON of commercial work due to the virus this year. I’d say 40-50 jobs that were being done for 10-15 years (big chains, nice accounts) went out of business .Homes are steady, tons of those with season starting November. I focus on homes for my own business, I see what the future for commercial is— not good and would rather focus on residential-- I only do commercial work because it is part of my full-time job with company.

My year is fine, I ordered almost all my supplies, built my website and just need to make a few thousand flyers and I will be in business. 2020 was a huge step forward. I put this off for 7+ years…now it’s time for me to shine. Otherwise, why have I been cleaning windows and mastering this trade since 2005??? I bought all the things I have been using for 15 years, with some nice new technology updates.


Down about 10%. Did only exteriors back in March and April and my helper went from 3 days a week to two a few months ago. Expenses seem to be about the same as last year. No complaints here.

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last day was thursday, up just over 15%. expenses not all in yet but margin is WAY up due to better production and almost no advertising exp.

Late start but busiest year in 12 years. I guess people are just stuck inside looking out of their dirty windows and have extra cash from the gov’t to blow on absolute necessities like… window cleaning services :roll_eyes:

No complaints though as it’s a time where we’re counting our blessings and are incredibly thankful for anything and anyone we have. Hang in there dudes!!


I was definitely up on number of invoices and new customers., down a bit on sales, but definitely nothing to worry about. 2018 and 2019 were big years for me; we had one of those exceptionally good pay days on a construction clean that doesn’t come around very often. I hired a part time helper this year, he was just too slow to really make a difference, so we couldn’t quite accomplish what we did the last two years. My goal for 2021 will be to take some pressure off my part of the labor side. I’ll be 47 and my brother-in-law will be 53, We are just doing too much work and not spending enough time doing what we should be at this point in our lives.

We were on an older house with the typical wooden sashes and metal storms this spring and I told him as I was climbing out the window, “The day I get stuck on this roof and can’t make it back through the window, will be the day we need to hang it up!”

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Not bad here, we had to adjust for COVID restrictions so outside only until a couple months ago. Scaled back our ‘junk’ window jobs such as storms and older frenches, also no longer doing third stories and gave up my 28’.

People in self quarantine get to notice things around the house that need addressing, so we were fairly busy.

Ramped up pressure washing a lot, hopefully I can say it will be at least 75% of my business at some point. It makes double what WC does at half the effort.:+1:


I don’t think we’ll be doing interiors next spring either… I really don’t know what to expect. It seems like everyone’s spring was down because of the initial Covid panic but as the year went on… people relaxed. I’m wondering if that means next spring will be back to normal.

Side note: I was really shocked how many new customers were requesting interior work even in APRIL :flushed: full on lockdown hasn’t stopped them

2020 has been the longest decade of my life.


We are seriously considering going outside only for December. Two clients this week called about exposure and we are doing outside only and electronic payment, no contact with them. With the upcoming Holiday season upon us, too many people will be in compromised situations and not know if asymptomatic family or friends are spreading it. I can’t risk exposing my helpers and myself to it. Contracting Covid would mean my business shuts down 2-3 weeks and zero $$$ instead of 2/3 $$$…I’ll take the later. My Gov. wants to shut down soon anyways, no need to expedite his plans.


A lot of people left the state, here in California, leaving a lot of jobs for the rest of us who stayed. I acquired 3 client lists from other companies that shut down, and additional jobs from companies that went out of business. Needless to say, we are up significantly from every year prior.


I was remembering that we were also gone for most of January for vacation and responsicon out in Phoenix. Worked one day I think. So we would’ve had a record year if not for covid and we’re just gonna be down about $10k from last year. Could’ve been worse and we’re thankful our business is still thriving.

Had several big commercial jobs come in that more than covered the slack in resi this spring. Granted it’s only my 2nd-ish year solo, but I had a 40% increase between October 2018-2019, and October 2019-2020! Broke 6 figures for the first time in my life, gross of course, but still. Banner year for me. Now the winter is here and we’ve had 3 days out of the last 3 weeks where it hasn’t been raining or blowing 30 mph. But made enough to float the winter and adopt our daughter. Can’t complain. Cheers!