How would/do you use your iPad/tablet for your business?

I’m pretty big into buying fun, tax-deductible items for my business, but my girlfriend thinks I’m a bit overboard!

I recently purchased the GlassRenu System and think it’d be great to store pictures and do a show for potential clients and have them see the possibilities for their own windows.

I know a good “story” is 100% of landing the job, I think pictures will help the pitch.

This is where the iPad comes in.

How else would/do you use one for your business? I currently use my Iphone onsite to do invoices and estimates. What would the iPad bring to the table? Signing waivers and agreements? I’d be into that…anything else?

It’s funny. Logically, just about everything I use the ipad for in my business, a $150 netbook would work almost just as well.

Invoicing, slideshows, videos, estimates, looking up addresses, maps… could all be done from a $150 netbook if you had some extra time to kill seeing as the ipad’s faster…

But the thing I have found is that people are interested in it just because it’s an ipad. They’ll look at just about anything you show them with it. It’s a really neat way of getting their attention.

I just hope that never wears off as they become more common place. lol.

That’s a great point Micah, you get their interest they WAY you show them and not WHAT you show them.
I just got a Glassrenu system too, and this is can be the perfect excuse to buy an iPad, but I’d have to pick up wifi on the road because I won’t be signing any contracts

No contracts with the ipad and ATT. That’s the great thing about it. You pay by the month and can cancel at anytime.

the ipad is awesome, buy angry birds its addictive!

Yeah a netbook can do most of what an iPad can do… in the same way a Model T Ford is a car just like 2011 Mercedes Benz. They both have four wheels and a roof-- but one will do everything in style…

Try Stupid Zombies. It’s also addictive;)

yeah…I have an 11" MacBook Air and I love it - much better than an Asus EEE…eek. And I could do all that on the MBA if I just wanted it to sit up while I do the presentation. But iPad puts it in their hands! (BTW I downloaded IE8 to the ASUS today and it deleted all other browsers AND my internet connection settings! WTF?!..while the MBA just hummed along :slight_smile: )

But, I’m seriously starting to convince myself to buy the iPad for signing waivers, then emailing them to the clients!..I don’t have them signed enough - too much paperwork and organizing :(…what a terrible reason. Haven’t been sued yet!

X <–fingers

Yeah I have found that the best use for a PC these days is to just serve as another great reminder of why we bought Macs. Not that we need to be reminded… its just that I can’t really think of anything else a PC is good for, so I had to really scrape the bottom of the “what-are-PCs-good-for” barrel.

Maybe Steve could tell us some more things that PCs are good for- lol;)

People love the ipad I have presentations on it for all of our services. Hand the customer the ipad while we measure and look things over. Than enter the info into a spreadsheet to calculate the price go to calendar and schedule the job.