How would you bid this? (High Dusting)

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So we have done high dusting in the past, but most of it has been things like rec centers/basketball gyms, offices etc.

Well I have the opportunity to bid on this behemoth of a factory. It is 80,000 square feet. The roof/scaffolding is covered in spider webs/dust. Some walls have spider webs as well plus there are 6 large fans. There are machines that we would need to cover with drop cloths etc. If I get this, I plan on renting a 32 ft scissor lift.

Honestly think I am going to pass on this project, especially since they want a bid by tomorrow morning and want to be completed by the end of next week. But I figure this could be a good learning experience and work up a mock bid.

If you feel like passing because you aren’t sure how to bid it, if I were you I’d give it a short and shoot over a bid for doing the work hourly. Then that way you can’t lose. It’s along the same lines of when my coach would tell me as a little tike “it’s better to strike out swinging than to watch the ball go by”.

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To quote it you need to break down the tasks, Like you said all machinery will need to be covered with drop cloths, You will need a back pack vacuum or 2 get 1-2 guys in a lift cleaning on top of those air ducts with vacuum, then you want dusters on poles , we used to use the angle adapter and use duct tape and tape 2 feather dusters on the angle adapter then adjust the angle for the desired angle.

Also all work will have to be done after operational hours, so if you have staff and have to pay time and a half/double time make sure you consider that.

Without looking at the site I could not give you a price, and I bet my price would be different from yours.

We have many tools to add to a pole for dusting or even a wfp with the adapter Window Cleaning Extension Pole Accessories - Ettore, XERO, and more –