How would you charge that ??

I did a lot of residential, and store front quotes. This one is special, and I dont know how to quote it.

Its about 45-50 feet in height, and impossible to use a waterfed.

The entire wall is glass, and there is a metal gate about 1 foot in front of the glass wall. So a squidgee is require for the job.

I’d just walk away from that one, not many people are willing to pay for that PITA and all the extra headaches involved


Like 2 g’s lol

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The key to this job is to set low expectation’s, looks maybe 26feet high max base on the size of the door . Get up there scrub with applicator , then here is the key you rinse with your WFP hose . No need to get your pole up there , just lots of rinsing straight from the hose . I don’t think the outside should take 2-3 hours max , not sure about the inside. But like others shave said , their budget is probably $200 lol .

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I dont mind the hard work to be honest. For me, its just a contract. I dont mind charging more for hard work. If they dont accept the price. Too bad. I just dont want to look silly with a crazy number.

This is my first weird potential contract

The thing is that just like you guys are saying. Nobody is willing to do this job. Which is why I think there is a potential for a really expensive quote. Dont you think ?

Yea it’s up to you.

Maybe they’d be willing to pay like $800.

That’s prob the lowest I would go.

From those pictures I can’t even decipher what’s in need of cleaning or what it looks like.
Just going by your description I’d toss out some wild number, that seems really high for the PITA (like $2-3k for annoyance and hard work) and then have a clause that states something like “due to the nature of this job windows may not come out perfect and blah blah blah…” whatever wording

I personally prefer straight forward jobs and the really hard work or wild windows aren’t fun like they were my first couple years doing this


I turned down the Police Department job here in town because of odd to reach windows and needing to put a lift on new landscaping. Some jobs are just worthy of passing on.

I think it could be done with some creativeness, like the strip washer and wpole idea. maybe even with wpole.

thing is if it’s just one time, you have to reimbursed for all that R&D figuring it out

probably results best with a lift

you could ask what theyre expectations are, they may be very low and leaning toward all the spider webs

it’s just a very bad design for maintenance

you could also put a cap on it, or even a trial on it, figure out the ground floor with the metal things for a rate. then see if you can do it at height (talking wpole)

either way they’re paying you to figure it out to meet their level of expectations. these can be a trophy job too marketing wise

depends on what you want to deal with

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Architects are idiots…


Got to be aleast 10 quid

I really like your answer. It made me think about how to quote it. Thanks mate

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I will take some new pictures of it from closer, and a different angle. You will understand better how much trouble it can be. But really. This is less then a day of work for maybe 2k !!?!

Come on, i would clean your windows with a rag without squeedgee for a price like this

I would quote 750 outside only and set low, very lowwww expectations due to the architectural design


i’d almost say a custom tool that combines the flexibility/pivoting and movement of a “doodlebug”, a 24" strip washer or flat micro scrub or whatever applicator to agitate at whatever minimum overlap length you need, and a rinse bar

Bet a battlecat scrubber would come in handy for this come to think of it…

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2k and bill the architect.

Looks like a nightmare