How would you clean this mirrored ceiling?

Hey all you commercial professionals. The day I have been dreading has arrived. A while ago I cleaned these windows:

It is approximately 12’x16’ and about 14-15’ high, if memory serves me correctly. (Sorry for the uncertainty but it was over 5 years ago that I did it last.) I did it by assembling and lying down on a scaffold and squeegeeing each piece. Then after squeegeeing them off I had a guy on the ground whose only job was to move the scaffold to the next area I needed to squeegee and to send up more window cleaning solution to me. He spent most of his time reading a book waiting for me to tell him to move me to the next area. I paid him $10/hr. back then, basically to read a book,. It took right around 4 hours to complete this job, maybe a little longer including assembly and disassembly of the scaffolding.

So to my question:

  1. How would you have cleaned the mirrors?

  2. What would you have charged?

I thought you were talking about a master bedroom there for a second.

Use the unger indoor pads. People have been reporting great results. Since it’s a restaurant, maybe get the furry pad to pretreat and get the grease off, then the cleaning pad to finish it off.

Depending on how bad they are and how high up they are, maybe $1-$2 per mirror. I don’t think it would take very long with those pads.

The first thing I would do is try to talk them out of it . " they look great they don’t need cleaning ". The next thing I would do is price them real high . "Well if you want them done this is the price ". It is a take it it leave it price .

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It’s actually a movie theater. But after 5 years I’m sure similar conditions prevail, such as the coconut oil they use on their popcorn. And would you use a scaffold or pole it? Seems like I could get real fatigues real fast using a pole.

Perhaps you could define “price them real high”. It took me and a helper about 4 hours last time.

Maybe even higher anything like that out if the norm type of stuff just price A lot higher than what you normally get ,If you get it great if you don’t then on to the next job . That’s my motto .

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I’m curios what did you charge the first time?

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I charged $300. It took right at 4 hours. So I cleared $260 after paying a helper $10/hr. That was $65/hr. 5 years ago. So I would charge at least $400 now. But I really want an easier way to clean them than using the scaffolding. It was a real pain in the bum.

Look into the pads like Jared said .
Then when your done look into a chiropractor :slight_smile:

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It all depends on how dirty they are, if its as you say 5 years since a clean you will probably need nose to glass. I prefer a small boom like this E300 Series | JLG It is a little overkill for this job but if you have to hire a scaffold and another person then this would save time, and be fairly cost effective. Lift cost is always added on to the quote and the customer pays this. From the pic that you have posted it looks like probably 2 hours work moving tables cleaning the glass and putting tables back, if they are already moved probably 90 minutes.

It they are not really dirty you could either pole them with 0 degree handle or use the indoor cleaning pads.

Having started using the Unger indoor pads, I would definitely go that route. Besides the sore neck, back and lats, there would be no 2nd person (unless you had 2 set ups). Little to no mess. No assembling and breaking down scaffolding.

If they’re really dirty, I would suggest poling them with a squeegee first to get the majority of the gunk off, and then finishing with the indoor pads. You’ll go through a lot less pads, and still save a bunch of time and headache over the scaffold method. Less stuff that would need to be moved, as well. Could probably be done in under an hour this way. Shouldn’t be much worse on the neck and back than some high WFP work.

I really like this idea. I do this all the time!

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why not a small scissor lift?

if there is problems with grease then i recommend soap/squeegie with a pole, then follow it with indoor wfp pads to top it off.

Wagtail with wagtail angle arm & Ettore pole - 10 minutes.

I would probably go for a little giant ladder that is the right size for that height and go crazy. I would say that it looks like that could get it down to 2 hours since you will not have to set up scaffold. Good luck.

Hey all. I thought I owed y’all a follow up. I decided to raise the price of the service by 33%. Yes, 33%. Well she never called back so I guess the problem is solved.

Using the Unger inside pads and using spray foam (Zap) on the pad to help cut any grease or contaminants then quick polish with polishing pad. All of which you can keep on a belt setup. (No need to pay a “scaffolder”). A ladder (Use orange cones to mark work area) may help to avoid fatigue; just have to move it from section to section. It should go fairly quickly. I’m always nervous about using water on mirrors because it can leach around to the backing and leave a water stain.

Let the idiot who is going to do it for nothing do it . Then he can deal with his neck pain he will have when done . His profits will go to the chiropractor .

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