How Would You Clean This?

I have this dentists office that he has power washed every year. Only thing is I can’t get this spider shit off. Any suggestions?

As much as it would suck to do this, in some cases like this I’ve had to use a white scrub pad and scrub this sort of crap by hand to get it all off.

Looked great when I was done though, just charge a little extra since you’ll have to be doing a little extra work that’s all.

Mike Radzik
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By “spider shit” do you mean spider webs?"

I mean no not really. Like in the pictures. I think it’s totally spider shit. Falling from above… It’s totally stuck on there. I guess the only way is to scrubb but there’s got to be something to loosen it up enough to rinse off.

It kinda looks like shit though… I think shit was the proper word for this shit.

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts

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My pressure washer is 4000psi and it won’t take it all off…

Some big spiders…

Them things are hung…

Maybe they aren’t spiders, but really small gorilla’s.

The size of their dumps they might as well be…

vinyl siding?

have you tried a cleaning chem with a wfp brush etc?

high pressure water washing doesn;t always work…remove you need to agitate.

Have you tried a brush?

you shouldn’t use anything over 60psi to clean siding, any siding. Lean how to downstream and you will be a much happier person

And that stuff looks like residue from carpenter bees

Yeah I don’t know maybe you’re right. But I can see how carpenter bees would be all over the side of this building like that…

some of it is artillery fungus

Ya you need a higher psi power washer . Maybe double it up 8000 should get er done. Might take the siding with it along with the furniture on the other side, but hey who’s counting. :anguished:

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I haven’t tried a brush although I think it might help a little. It was kinda a big pressure wash job so to scrubb every inch would be grueling…

Yeah I’m definitely open to that. So for us nincompoops that don’t know what down streaming is would you like to elaborate?

Sure, use the search button :cool:

Will do. Google here I come. Next time I won’t ask you. Thanks for the tip anyway.