How would you invest $5,000 in your business today?

Hey guys I’ve been dipping into my savings pretty much every month since the year started and I’ve been thinking of pulling some money to invest in the business. I do penny saver, local news letters, refferal programs, and flyers. I’m looking for a fresh idea, any thoughts?

I would do a very well thought out direct mail campaign… If you want more work that is.

I would put it towards buying another company vehicle and put another crew out in the neighboring state

Yeah me too I would more than likely buy a bunch of postcards from vistaprint, buy a high end residential list from infousa and send out the cards to them along with something on them as an incentive to call you. On mine I have receive FREE estimates, $1,000 restaurant coupons booklet and join our $25 referral program along with visit our website and see over 75 testimonials, in fact, something I need to get done myself this week.

Of course you could always give the 5k to me and I will personally call a few places for you but can’t guarantee you anything ha ha

Do you have a website? If not thats where I’d put a chunk of the money. The rest Marketing! Around here anyway, ads in the local TOWN newspapers have worked great for us for 30 years. I am able to target an entire town. Ads are fairly inexpensive and I run them all year long even when we’re not working, so people are constantly seeing OUR name.


Because Id like to branch out to another area(pennsylvania or west virginia) and cant do that with the 1 company vehicle now, I’m too busy in my immediate area to even try to handle another area.

I’d get an R3 from RHG and then spend $1500 on several rounds of direct mail to select neighborhoods. The rest would go into paying ahead my website costs and Yellow Book ad for a year or so.

What kind of business do you have? Residential or Commercial? Or both? High Rise and/or new construction?

How many customers do you have?

Do you have a goal in mind of where you want to be in two years? 5 years? 10?

Meaning, do you like washing windows or would you like to have a turn key business and manage rather than wash? Or hey, maybe even manage the managers?

If you answer these questions then I could give you my opninion if you like. Because my answer would vary depending on what you want out of life/business.

Most of the answers so far, by the way, are assuming you want to be “the” business. That’s fine and dandy if you do. No problemo! There are other ways to run your business as well.


Deland is WAY better than vistaCRAP!

for simple mailings use your local property appraiser web site

$5k in advertising would bring in a min of 1st time business of $100,000.00

Being booked out as I am, I’d have to invest in another van, equipment and crew. But that would run about $35-$40k.

So, Id put the $5k toward my annual Kona trip.

Donate some of it to the local food bank, toys for tots, coat drive, blanket drive.

I’ve been thinking about expanding services…

Please share the details of the 20:1 ROI.

I would be very interested in learning how to turn 5k into 100k. Can you tell me how you make that happen?

do you mean a minimum? of $100,000?!. So that means there could be more fabulous cash and prizes!. If that’s the case you need to be selling a ebook on here.

That does sound good, 20:1 ROI

I’ve seen some documented 1500% - 2300% ROI recently, in small batches, but I have no experience with turning $5,000 into $100,000

Have you? How did you do it, if so?


Door to door.

I rounded it off a bit.

Current ROI for flyers door to door for 1st time clients is running 22-1.

Full color flyers.

What are the details? Number of flyers, number of new customers, exact cost, exact income, etc. In other words, what was the sample size? The ROI doesn’t always remain constant when scaling up…

Cool, love to see the flier you’re using