How would you polish these frames?

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So I have a new client that is wanting their windows cleaned, but also want their window frames cleaned and polished. I have never really polished frames before and have no idea what the best product would be or even how to bid it. I searched on the forum for a bit, but it looked like most people were dealing with oxidation. The seals do not seem to be too dirty. I would think I could just wipe them down and then use some kind of polish. What do y’all think?



Yes, that is age and oxidation. You are interested in something that you may not want to tackle. It will be very time and labor intensive. Also if you don’t know what to do here, this is not the time to experiment. Clean windows, that’s what we do. Metal paint sanding and restoration, not so much. Polish? Well, not really…you polish bare metal. This looks like anodized aluminum…aged and defeated by sun. Two cents.


^ this. That is sun damage from age. Unless you want to spend a month with a grinder and a wire wheel, or a backpack sandblaster, then paint them, it’s not something you would do as a window cleaner.


I use this black polish like stuff on my car that is supposed to restore the black parts of my fenders. It is a wipe on let stand wipe off type of product and works great for restoring the black on my car. Perhaps a product like that would work? Or maybe Armor all would help. Just thinking of easy things to try. I could be completely wrong.

Yeah I’m glad y’all said that. I was thinking that the best thing to do would be to do some kind of sanding down and repainting them. I didn’t think that only polishing would make that big of a difference, especially long term.


Polishing seems like that would be a HUGE time sucker. I would personally say “i can clean them and the frames will look better, but I’m not able to polish them.”

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Guard industry have a product in there protect guard range that would fully restore the frames.

I guess at the end of the day the OP will decide if he needs the work or not.

Here is what I would do, go to your auto parts store, get some cut and polish, try it ,and ask if that is what they were looking for then work out how long it took you, how much product you used extrapolate that to the rest of the job throw on some nice profit and quote it. or pass either way.

Auto polish applied with buffer, restores like new

I am going to tell them that I would recommend that they contact a painting or window installation company because of the damage. I also noticed a considerable amount of scratches that I know I wont be able to touch. But If she does want me to do something I have some oil like ointment that will help them at least shine for the time being. Thanks for the help guys

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DO NOT put oily anything on. It will defeat the bad paint further. You do not want to be the guy that makes the damage worse. You are a window washer. Don’t get sucked into repairing wear and tear damage. Oh…okay, if you totally know what you’re doing and have…say…5 years of successfully restoring all colors of anodized commercial window frames…please…go right ahead. Oh, you don’t? You just started a window cleaning business and need work? Then go find more glass to clean…that’s what you do…not commercial building restoration. Sure, it’s your call. I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole. Sorry maam, I just clean glass. Move on and go get more glass cleaning work. Don’t get caught up in their problem…you will be liable.

The last one to touch it, owns it…

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A.R.T. is a solvent-based resin system designed for treating the surface of anodized aluminum to renew satin luster that has been damaged by environmental or chemical pollutants.

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Lol… They want it done till they get the price for it !!



All reasons to run

It is an art to learn how to do it properly

Exactly Mike

we did this this for a sign. it didn’t last but a few months but then again we see 100+ temps everyday in summer. sometimes 115+

I swear by Guard Industries restorer.Look up Paul Bradley or Jayson Cooper on LinkedIn and they ll look after you.

Waste of time trying to make frames look brand new. Wash and go. I do commercial windows in way worst condition and the customer is still happy just having clean glass.

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