I don’t think you did bad. But then again, I know franchisee’s who didn’t take home anything for the first couple years. I think if you don’t lose 50-80k your first year, then you’re doing awesome. You’ve got a great leaping off point for next year, especially if you plan on hiring a helper.

Well done! I’m sure there are a few out there who surpassed the gross figures you had, but I doubt they saved half of it, or even managed to keep out of debt. Keep up this pace next year, keep reinvesting the profits, and you’re gonna kill it for sure.

It goes to show how awesome the opportunities in this business really are. Most business ventures don’t turn a profit until at least 18 months in, usually more.

You did great for first year !
Set your goals for 2015 and you can easily double or triple this year sales

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Congrats! Welcome to the best occupation in the world, were no one limits your potential and future income but you.

Nice looking shirts, you should eventually add
Licensed * Bonded * Insured

For some reason, people seem ‘rest assured’ reading this while working on their property.

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Congratulations on your first year! Great job man!

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Great Job Anthony, Congrats on the success of your first year!

Good luck in 2015!

Good for you!

I don’t even remember what I made my first year. Shit, I think Reagan was probably president.
But I’m pretty darned sure it wasn’t $35k

Jeez, I forgot what I had for dinner last night. :o

You did a little less than I did my first year, but i didnt have two lettered trucks and uniforms to show for it either.

Good job man, keep at it and you’ll be a monster in KY!

The truck looks great, logo is eyecatching and the white truck screams window cleaning company to me.

T shirts are the perfect uniform, in my opinion. Not too dressy but not some hobo with a bucket working for beer money.

I’ll give it 3 thumbs up, stay motivated and stay hungry. Invest in marketing when you don’t think you need marketing. Do you use any software for your customer data base?

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts

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Nice work congrats…

I remember my first year I started in September… Winter came fast and I was kicking myself for not stating sooner in the season.

Good job. How did you get 200 customers in the first year?

All storefront?

Wow you have some serious competition there!

Have you ever done door hangers for storefront?

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Great job! I think you heading the right direction! Has your door hangers improved your clientele?

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Good job! This was our first real season and we did a little less than 50k but that was with two of us so your totally kicking butt. We bought a new truck but yours is way nicer. Id suggest hiring a helper right when the season starts. It may feel like you won’t be making as much money but you’ll grow twice as fast. Keep it up!

How often were you pounding the pavement to get new commercial clients?

Inspiring! I started in March of last year and landed about one to two residential clients a month. I started with a storefront veteran of 35 years who stays on the ground and pretty much owns the main strip of local shops and restaurants, then was referred to a company which I began working for. My first year felt more like an apprenticeship. How to navigate a storefront/home/mansion/ccu and what to do in each scenario properly… A lot of my business as the season began to work into gutters were CCU’s, as I’d note down the addy’s of new offices and remodels and introduce myself to the GC with a card and insurance wearing a polo. All of my marketing was by word of mouth for residential, and by introduction for CCU’s and storefronts. I landed 15-20 clients my first year, but mainly worked for reputable companies and good people mainly to learn. I didn’t know it was possible to land 200 clients for a rookie season. Awesome.