I’m glad I found this window cleaning forum.
I didn’t like any of the other ones.

My name is Thad and I just moved from the New Orleans, LA area to Hattiesburg, MS. I’m looking forward to getting my business going here. It should be a fun challenge!

My main focus was on power washing and roof cleaning in LA (due to a non-compete) but I did a lot of window cleaning. As far as online networking goes, I am primarily active on two power washing forums- PT State, and Power Wash Institute, where I am a moderator.

Welcome Thad!

I need to get some more info on the roof washing. I think there’s an untapped market here for that service.

Welcome Thad!

I love your avatar.:smiley:

Thanks, Craig.
I’ve seen you around on TGS, I think.

Let me know if I can help you with that.
It’s not rocket surgery but you have to do things right and there is a lot of bogus info floating around the intarwebs.

Me, too.
When I saw that on my User CP I had to have it.

Hi Thad. Any power washing vids?

Do you mean do I have any or just are there any in general?

I don’t have any, but my friend Michael has some good 'uns.

Hey Thad, good to see you over here. I didn’t know you were a window cleaner too.

Lately I’ve put a lot more into the window cleaning side of my business. The commercial pressure washing has slowed while the cost of operating has went up. Some of my larger corporate accounts cut back or just stopped all together. Then with the cost of gas and diesel going up… you know the story. Not to mention the lack of rain and worrying about a drought.

It’s hard to juggle two business’ anyhow, so I’ve been concentrating and my window washing business and I’m loving it. There’s nothing like being able to sleep at night - not having to PW in the dark!

Anyhow, glad to see you here. This is a great place to be.

Hey, Micah. Yeah, that’s what I started out doing when I ditched the mortgage office. A friend of mine who had dropped out of the corporate world a few years ahead of me (I thought he had lost his mind at the time) had built up his biz to the point that he needed help and paid me very well to clean windows. So, here we are.

It seems pretty wide open here. there are a few PW companies but no local window cleaners in the phone book. There are some jacklegs, but they are going to get their feelings hurt.
Thorry, you guyths!

I’ve gone 'round and 'round with the Muskrat over that. I have ZERO interest in commercial PW. I like to sleep at night, too. If I was going to do business at night I would start a janitorial business- easier to find employees and less overhead.

Thanks for the welcome. You guys seem to stay on-topic better than I’m used to. I’ll have to work on that- please be patient!

Speaking of patient, my neighbor’s in the hospital, and blah, blah…

Patient starts with “p”, and “p” rhymes with “t”, and “t” stands for trouble!

I saw “The Music Man” a couple months ago – high school production with friends/customers in the orchestra.

I thought “t” stands for texas?

My wife went to the High School for the Performing and Visual arts. They had a pretty good production. Most people think I’m weird for my devotion to Phantom.

Why limit yourself to one reason?

I have a large index toe.

As opposed to two large index toes?

Nice hijack.

I thought you were the guy who kept everybody straight and on-topic around here!?

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Hi Thad! Welcome to the board. :slight_smile:

That would be those bastards Chris and Alex.

One is normal.