Huck Towels Type

Do You Prefer New or reclaimed semi used ones?

reclaimed ones. I used brand new green hucks and they took a while to break in and become really absorbent.

The Scrim is King :smiley:

Whats Scrim?

Theres a guy on here named: Scrim Shady… I thought that was pretty funny.

Scrim is a sack cloth-type material, commonly used in Europe. It has tough fibers, holds dirt within the material, and is very absorbent.

Perhaps you could add it to the WCR Super Store!



I have heard of Scrims. Never seen one. Their description makes me think of a cross between a chamois and a cheese cloth.

Can you describe your use for them and why you think they are superior to other towels?

Anyone know if they are available to purchase in the USA anywhere?

When they are new they are very similar to sack cloth, but you have to break them in. After rubbing on the floor a few times and using them as sill cloths, after the 3rd wash they come into their own. They used to be made with flax, but now the quality ain’t so good - its rough Irish linen, feels more like backing material for curtains.
They absorb a lot of moisture, dry out fast & can often be used day to day without a wash. You can usually dry them out by driving to the next job with them trapped in your shotgun closed window. I’ve tried, huck, micro-fibre, nappys, surgical, for me this is the best cloth.

where can you purchase these online?

In Yurup:


I take what I can get. preferably reclaimed but new is just as good. used wear out to fast.