Huck towels vs Sponge

What are you guys using more frequently?

As you can tell from our videos, I prefer huck towels. Is there really any advantage to using an old fashion sponge?

Hucks for residential and commercial; sponges for CCU.

Hucks for residential- sponges for washing the vans.:smiley:


Hucks for window cleaning.

Sponges used by my nurse. :smiley:

Both sponge & chamois are a dying art.Of course i still utilize both sponge for sopping up excess water on outer sills etc plus…its way better to wipe your squeegee rubber with a sponge as opposed to a huck or detail towel.

Chamois work like a champ if you wring them out good,not to mention less laundry although we still use hucks daily it is good practice to get familiar with the good ol tools & technique’s of old!

Back in the day…those were all we had,can even remember when stripwashers came onto the scene,before that it was all boar/hog hair brushes both round & block.

Can you explain to our readers why this is?

Its always better to wipe squeegee rubber with a sponge as opposed to a huck(even though we all do it from time to time) partly because your less likely to nick the rubber possibly even transfer dirt or leave lint on the blade.

At least thats how i was taught anyway.