Huge opportunity/pricing

Ive been in business 8 years and service mostly residential & have that down exact. I do have a good junk of commercial but would say im pretty inexperience bidding large commercial. Seeing a ballpark of what people on here would charge. So this particular building has 579 panes half 1st floor half 2nd floor. Also & this changes the equation I’m bidding 19 other properties also about this same size, along with one small 2 hr waterfed property and one 5 story glass wall so keep in mind im not bidding this solo im bidding this as a 22 property project and all buildings done twice per year. Most of the bulidings are about this size. Knowing the 579 pane count and that it comes with 21 other properties and the frequency is twice per year where would you be? Also worth noting some of the 2nd story can be cleaned from the ground, others waterfed from the lifts cuz theres a frame that will collect muddy water if your not up on half the windows.

I bet you could use a sill brush to avoid having to WFP from a lift.

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Unger nLite Radius Brush Gen 2 | Water Fed Pole Brushes | WCR –

any of the radius brushes will help with bottom sills

No thoughts on price?

I’m curious about pricing something this large as well

day rate x days…?