Hurricane Pressure Washers... Thoughts?

So does anybody know anything about or even better have any experience with Hurricane Pressure Washers. I’m specifically interested in the hot water machines. They’re available from WCR but there’s not much info on what’s actually being sold… no specs, gpm, psi, power supply, etc.

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Same here I’m looking into an 8 gallon machine too.
I talked to Jesse @Atlas1 an I think he said he bought a hurricane PW, so hopefully he could chime in here.

Cool hopefully he stops by. I messaged WCR about it too so when they get back to me I’ll post whatever I find out here. I posted on pwra too but I’ve noticed that there’s not much feedback when discussing machines unless you’re asking about one of the “sactioned” distributors/ brands. Not to say that those aren’t good suppliers but when I’m looking to spend $6000-8000 I want to explore my options.

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I got a skid mount Water Dragon from the Power Wash Store. Honda GX690, Udor 8gpm/4000 psi pump. I could not have been happier with the customer service, and I absolutely love that machine!


You have a buffer tank on a trailer for that?

Yes, I use a 250 gallon buffer tank…but you could definitely use something smaller, most likely.

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The investment was definitely worth it? I bet it opens you up to major jobs the other guys can’t take.

It was absolutely worth it! Not only does it open up jobs that I would have had to pass on before, it greatly increased my production, allowing me to do more work in a day, thereby increasing our daily gross as well.

I forgot to mention, my machine is a cold water machine. I do almost zero commercial work, so I haven’t had a need for hot water. If I need it in the future, all I have to do is get a hot box to add on.

If you do mostly residential work, that may be a good option for you: Get a cold water machine now (save 3-4K), make bank, add a hot box later.

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Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. We really just started selling pressure washing this year and its going great. Nearly half our work this last month has been pressure washing and its doubled our usual net. I’ve been debating on whether to to go with 8 or 5ish gallons. The price difference is about 1500-2000 depending on what I’m looking at.

So do you really think that hot water is unnecessary if your main focus is residential? Even if you’re doing concrete? I usually avoid concrete because I have a small cold water machine, but I’ve still been picking up lots of those jobs without really trying. I just focus on mold/ mildew and tell people I can’t do oil.

And also. Is the concesus that you need a dual axle trailer if you’re going to haul water? I’m confused on that front becauwe the forums tend to think so but all the pre-built trailers are on single axles, and I seriously doubt they intend for you to haul them empty.

Absolutely…you only need hot water if you’re removing a lot of oil, grease, etc. It’s better to not buy hot water and spend some of that saved money a WW Classic.

Also, instead of posting your questions here and having to wait for answers, your time would be much better spent searching PWRA, PTState, and TGS forums…you’ll get a true wealth of info in a short time.

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Cool. Thanks again. You probably just saved me a big chunk of change.

Yeah there isn’t much need for heat. Unless you are doing oil. As far as the Hurricane brand they are all full of awesome components. But feel free to ask any questions! Shoot me a Facebook PM ( Redirecting... ) vox me, or text me direct 862-312-2026