Hydraulic Fluid on Vinyl Siding

Hi all,
I do very few P.W. jobs each year, so I’m no expert. I need to work up a price and, just as importantly to me, my plan of attack on how to remove hydraulic fluid from this house. It has vinyl siding. Anyone?

I have never run in to hydraulic fluid, but I removed diesel from a house near passing trains with simple green.

I agree w/ Bill Simple Green (or Titan Green from Titian Labs) should work. Ironically in this instance a Dawn dish soap might help cut the hydraulic fluid.

Thank you guys. So it’s as simple as using a degreaser? Any guesses as to the time it’ll take? It’s the whole side in the photo including the side of the porch on the far right.

Oh, I just realized I got about 33% of the area in the pic!

If thats a one floor ranch I’d bring a flow through RV brush as well.

It’s actually a 2 story saltbox type. Not very big. For some reason my low presssure pump isn’t drawing water. There might be a clog. So I think I’ll just use a window mop with degreaser and water and apply it, then try 40 or 25 degree nozzle.