Hydro Philic Glass Coating


OK BG. I am on it. Later tonight after the work day. Thanx for your research! This type of technology will likely make it into the WCM along with my blog. I would like to work closer with you on this stuff.


Not yet there.

I am thinking they have a magnetically sputtered deposit of titanium dioxide. Or something akin. But it is not a chemically applied coating. Must be done in the factory. So Window Cleaners are out. It is also photocatalytic and will energetically breakdown most organics. Similar to the so called self cleaning coatings.


This is very interesting. How does it apply to us I. The window cleaning industry.

The WFP industry is searching for a product to be used in line that will make the glass hydrophylic on contact. No extra time, no extra work, very little cost, instant fix. BG was thinking this might be it. But it looks like it is a factory coating. Not what I mentioned and showed in another post and what Garrett Groll posted in the Glass Smart FB page.