Hydrophobic Glass Video

Did a house today with some seriously hydrophobic glass. Every freakin pane! It was taking too long with the pole so we did it wit da squeegees. :frowning:

//youtu.be/Hydrophobic Glass - YouTube

Got 3 words for ya…“Fan Spray Jets”

kinda like this? I know it’s not the traditional kind. Where can I get a good brush with the fan jets?


That guy would have cleaned that window faster with a strip washer and squeegee .

If you need some fan jets, contact Shawn Gavin. at www.reachhigherground.com.

His jets only work on poles from the UK,

Yeah…that’s Joe from across the pond (cool dude too) those are windshield washer jets off a car.Alot of those guys run with those,we have easier access to regular fan spray nozzles fitted into the brush over here.

As Doug said… get with Shawn he’ll hook you up!

How timely, I have a big 5 story building with Hydrophobic glass. I just received my new fan jets from Shawn Gavin and installed them tonight. Pretty easy to do, measure twice and drill once though. Can’t wait to try them out Saturday. Thanks Shawn and Jeff Klass. I wish there were threaded instead of punch in.


No doubt…I could have had 4 or 5 windows done in the time it took to clean that one…without all that water floodin’ the place.

Joe was just showing you the car jets in that video - nothing else. It wasn’t a time trial!
The car nozzles is/are all I use now, although not spray jets they can be altered for position individually. I use three in a row usually.

Just to throw this in…although as Karl said Joe was more or less showing the performance of jets/nozzles. Even if it took that long it’s better then blowing through it only to have to re-do by hand which then… boils down to double work.

On most gigs over there in the UK there on a pretty frequent rotation so…im sure a majority would knock those gigs out rather quickly,with [U]great results[U][/U][/U]

When I wash and squeegee a window, I don’t have to go back and detail or do anything else to the window…I’m confused

French panes is where a WFP is a lethal weapon

I can WFP 1000 french pane windows in less than 6 hours. That’s 500 on the first floor and 500 on the second. Can’t be done with a squeegee! Clean, dry, detail in 30 seconds is totally doable, but not for 6 hours straight. That’s 4000edges to detail. Oh and 40+ ladder moves.

Once I get fast like Shawn, I’ll knock at least an hour off that!

I second that Bummblebee, I am also confused.

Like i said earlier, some windows are for wfp, and some are not…

What exactly are you 2 gents confused about?? With traditional methods there is ALWAYS some detailing involved even more so on residential. I’ve said it before in the past the more deliberate you are in technique will minimize detailing but not completely you still have to at least wipe sills.

If your using your blade for that ok but…your (wiping out your rubber) unless you have a squeegee solely for that purpose.

On the topic of pure water cleaning there is NO detailing nodda zip nothing if you have your technique down pat;)

How about detailing the screen track on a two or three story window(vinyl window)? I know for a fact that the track is dirty after you clean the glass with a wfp.

I know you can clean the screen track on a ground floor window with a wfp…

How about this for non-ground floor tracks: http://reachhigherground.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=23&products_id=45&osCsid=ab6b879b051aa7ac3c4fe8083a3830ec

Then you have to waste time, swapping out the brush, and adjust your plastic gooseneck.

You might also spalsh some water on the glass too, causing water spots.

So, you will still have to detail the screen tracks with a towel when you put the screens back on…

What was I thinking?!?

BTW; why can’t you simply use this brush on the glass as well?

And lotsa folks are using a dedicated ground-level pole, yeah?

That’s what it’s made for

I clean and vac the tracks when I remove the screens. I come across very, very few French or Colonial windows except for interior doors. Our windows here have the “dividers” in between the panes so they are plates. I do occasionally run into jalousie windows in older homes…but French or Colonials are almost gone here. I have a Tucker Pole I have used for 10 or 12 years, but I agree that some windows are WFP and some are mop and squeegee