HydroTube filters question

Hello everyone,
I work part time and only use my HydroTube about once a month. Every year I change out my DI & carbon sediment filters in Dec. And I have been changing out the RO membrane once every 4 years. This Dec will be 4 years I have been using the same RO. Currently my TDS is 4 after running the system for 5 mins or so. I plan on changing the DI & carbon filter in Dec. What TDS reading will I stop getting spot free results? I was hoping to continue using my RO filter a little longer if possible.


that depends on what colour the the solids are which varies from area to area. i have used di for years. my ro puts out 6 tds usually. in my area i am good till around 20 ppm at which point i will start to get spotting near the bottom of the glass. if i re rinse the bottom after top has started to dry i am fime. only had to do this when i’ve had damaged ro. current ro is 3 or 4 years old can’t remember. i assume you mean your tds is 4 after the ro?

Thanks for the advice! My TDS is 4 after running through all 3 filters.

i had meant to say “i have NOT used di in a few years” for some reason i get 403 forbidden when i try to edit the post.
there is no need to change an RO filter unless the tds is getting high enough to increase your cost of di resin to an unacceptable level or the filter is becoming plugged and flow is becoming insufficient.

Sounds good. I will keep rolling with the same RO filter.

Thanks again!

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