Hypothetical Hard Water Stain Charge

Let’s say you have a standard sized double hung with hard water stains on 25% of each of the two exterior panes. Your weapon is Ettore spot remover and assume it does the job after normal elbow grease. What would you charge for doing both panes of the dh?

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For an acid wash rinse and wipe we get $8-$12 a pane. So about $20 for a double hung. I believe the product you want to use is a little more labor intensive and probably does a better job so I’d probably ask for twice that.

When I first got into wc’ing I tried that stuff. Got it at lowes. I wouldn’t recommend it. Try one restore or a higher grade polishing compound with a buffer. I have a minimum of $30 per pane for buffing and polishing.

I Charge $45.00 per pane for that type of window. So my total for the two would be $90.00


I won’t say what I charged lol. Crazy low but I only ran into hard water twice last season, my first. Thanks for the feedback much appreciated and I’ll be ordering one restore soon.

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Is the Sorbo powder needed in conjunction with one restore? Or does one restore do fine on its own?

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im with charile, we try and get 40-50 per pane, then i put on a show with my glass renu system

I use a different brand of compound from a local dealer and finish with cerium oxide. Use a polisher for both. If hard water stains are not ‘etched’ to the glass one restore works great by itself, most of the time you only need to buff and polish on etched panes.

How often are you guys finding hard water on your residential windows? A rough percentage of jobs…

It feels like here in Florida, we run into hard water on at least one window 75% of the time. Every home has irrigation sprinklers right up near the glass, especially in the front of the home.

It’s very frustrating as well to have to explain to the customer that removing HW is not apart of our “normal cleaning process” and there is an extra charge. We get a lot of push back on that surprisingly.

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I run into hard water staining on 90% of the home that i do.

I make sure they understand stand from moment one that hard water stain removal
is an additional charge.

Moment one is advertise clause “with all window cleaning hard water stain removal is not included in pricing,it can be removed for an additional charge depending on the severity of the staining.” in so many words.

Next time it is mentioned is on the first call from them and then mentioned again when i get to the home to do the job after i have taken the time to view the condition of the windows and before they sign the wavier ect…

I used to get a lot of push back at first also, thats why I implemented this process.

Hope this helps.

I’m in the 90% range also but maybe only 5% wan it removed. I’m sure due to the price. Where I live I’ve found the the city water has silica in it and buffing/ polishing is required on most stained glass .


We do the same thing as you’ve mentioned, more or less. It’s just frustrating sometimes how often we have to reiterate to new customers that hard water removal is not in the estimate. Some customers don’t care about how it was caused or why we need to have a price increase. They’re minds are set in stone that it should “just come out.”

Also, it’s Monday and I felt like whining a bit.

I feel better now :o

@firefishunt, what polisher and pads do you use and or would recommend?

Most polishers will work( get a variable speed) . I started using 5 inch pads but have switched to 3 inch pads. I feel there is less wabbling and more control with the smaller pads. I start with compound #1 on a white pad( cut to size),then cerium oxide on a foam pad.

I think there are videos here on the basic technique. If you’ve polished a car you can do this…

Also…WCR sells a buffing and polishing kit I believe. Maybe Chris or Alex or a mod can post a link for you. ( I would, but I can’t even figure out my signature ) :slight_smile:

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[MENTION=6496]karchol34[/MENTION] it is the lowest priced setup the wcra sale in the store: Mr Hard Water Pro Shower Door & Window Kit - Scratch and Stain Removal - Extras / Add Ons.

good basic system for hard water stain removal.

If you get into scratch removal you will need to change up your system to something like Glass Renu!