I always amazed at some people

I did a quote last week over the phone. Well I should not say it was a quote, it was a simple “Come clean my home, I dont care what it costs”. I hate when I have calls like this cause 99% of the time the people are just wasting my time. Anyway guys tells me “I don’t know how many windows are in the house. I don’t pay attention to stuff like that.” Ok well how many sq ft do you have? “I told you. I don’t pay atttention to stuff like that. My wife wanted the house and all I know is I signed a large check. Now my bed room is up stairs when my old one was down the hall, you got me? Just come clean it by Saturday!” Ok well no problem, my customer today rescheduled at the start of the week so I put this guy down for today. I look over the home on MSN maps. For those of you who don’t use it, it’s pretty cool, you can zoom in to a customers home and get an idea of it’s size and you can rotate around the home. Sometimes I have provided phone quotes with this tool when I can see the windows and it works pretty cool. Anyway I hit the house up today. WOW. HUGE PLACE. Guy cool as hell. Cool stuff all over the house, two hot daughters sun bathing in the back yard all day. And he constantly wanted me to try his $400 bottle of scotch. LOL. When I told him I am a Jack man, he got upset so I tried it. It was good but way over my budget. Anyway I try talking price and he does not want to hear it. He tells me “Look around I can afford any bill you toss my way.” I say are you sure? I could give you a 7 figure bill if you want to play that game lol. He smerks. I’m still a little nervous as this job is over $2000. I was figuring I would give him the bill and prepar for the complaint. Job get’s done at 7pm, give the guy the bill. And he pulls out cash, counts it out and tosses in a comment “Here give $200 to uncle sam and tell him I said he can go f himself with it” He then tells me to call my guy in the house and he tossed him $100. Man like it was nothing for this guy. He now wants me to clean his office building he just bought. He asked if I would ever do work out of state. I tell him, yeah if the money is right. He says well if I bought the tickets and paided for the hotel (“no ****ty place mind you I would put you up in the sheriton”). So I tell him yes. “Ok well I have two offices in south carolina and 1 in boca fla. You can bring your wife she’ll love it there.” lol. I’m driving home and he calls. Now I worry, complaint? Nope, just wanted to make sure I was not blowing smoke up his butt. He is talking Nov/Dec for the office cleanings. SWEEEET. Man I only wish I could toss it around like that. Great way to start my weekend :slight_smile:

Where’s those offices in South Carolina at??? :slight_smile:

The money some of these people have is unreal.

Soak up that job all you can. You probably won’t have another like it!

I agree. This guy owned a financial management and consulting company. I got real lucky with this customer, just all around cool. He was asking me a lot about my past life. I have nothing to hide so I told him, blah blah. The opportunity showed itself and I asked what he did for a living. He was cool with it. Him and his neighbor were talking about going into a real estate deal here, where my customer was going to be the money end at $500,000.00 cash. Sounded to me like he was going to go for it. But who knows, some people just like to talk **** and don’t have a pot to **** in. But I did not get that impression with this guy. It was almost like (Recession? What recession? ha ha) The amount of money some people have just boggles my mind when I think about it. :eek: I don’t know where the offices are located, but will find out. I have to call him in Oct.

Stay on his good side, and it sounds like you will be! Ask him if he has any friends in the DFW that need their windows cleaned. J/k.

Nice catch on this one Jugg! Good Luck.

ya jugg good one. Shoot I hope to have a customer like that someday, maybe two or three of them hahaha.

Wow. That’s all I can say.

The rich never have a recession… in fact that is where most make the highest profits.

Unless they got rich by lottery, they know how money works and how to make it work for them.

Yeah. I was in his “Man Cave” and he walked in with the other neighbor and started to talk about their deal. I asked him if he wanted me to leave and he said no. Stay an work, it’s cool. Anyway his neighbor had money but not in cash, he stated he has 7 mil tied up in property and could not move on this other GREAT deal he found. My client would put up the cash for a home in a high end hood that needs work. The home is selling for 700 grand that needs a bunch of work and the neighbor said other homes in the hood are going for 1.9 mil. The neighbor told him, you put up the cash for purchase. I will pay for the work. We split it 50/50. I guess that’s one way they find them lol.
I was shocked at what I was hearing. Not about the money or the size of the numbers they were tossing around. I was more shocked that they would even be so candid in front of me regarding it. I was hoping for an address. lol. I have a couple of friends who would have loved a deal like that. :slight_smile:

BTW the neighbor owned a plumbing company lol.

Only one thing to say…SWEEEEEEEEEEET!!!

I’d have probably missed that one … I have that tendency to “fear” when is too good to be truth. “Come and clean my house, I don’t care how much is it” …mhh

I will start wondering that same minute where’s the catch.
Need to have less defensive attitude I guess.

Congrats Jugg.

“Opportunity knocking.”

Thats the best thing I have read today,I have several
costomers like that, A lawyer and has had me back multiple times for cleanings, Guy is a Wisconsin Badgers fan and flys his friends to his house for games "Im on the west coast"haha
he has me about five to six times a year and when he calls he always wants it done that week,and pays well,first time I did his place was without a WFP
and when I was finished he had a helper pay me 2nd time I did his place I had pure water and he came out and we chated for an hour or so, He offered drinks to!! but I refused as well, There were so many places he had mini fridges with booze,I love these types of Americans, has not gave me any other work though hahaha thats the coolest thing and yea when I talked $ whith him he went another direction

Right on…

Usually the ones that have it don’t talk about it.

I respect that.