I Am As I Do?

How about you?

I also believe it depends how far you want to get out of your comfort zone?
Sometimes in the case of Will Smith it will depend if your fighting for existance, or just making money to pay the bills.
A very passionate post - what was in those cocktails?
I’m just waiting for Louie’s reply - that dude creases me.

Define creases??

Folded in half laughing?

Act like gonorrhea and burn baby burn. :smiley:

The Pursuit of Happiness is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I too could totally identify and relate to Will Smith’s character. Some day you will read about my story.

That “there is something huge going to happen to me” thing you speak of. It is the one thought that has kept me from completely losing all hope. Not now… but in the past.

That… inner drive… is what made me dig out a bunch of Time Life Do it Yourself Books from a dumpster and go get a job as a maintenance man. At the time I was totally unemployable, Uneducated, and a REALLY long rap sheet.

Has anyone read any Og Mandino?

“The Greatest Miracle in the World”

Read it. If you really feel lower than whale poop. Read Chapter 9… The God Memorandum.

It has the power to change your thought process.

This inner drive you speak of… some call Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I call it work-aholism. I don’t get up at 5 am… but I do stay up till 3am.

Trying to figure out what costs more… I just got through labeling and stamping a couple of hundred postcards. After waiting tables all day so I could buy the stamps and another 2000 flyers to put out this week.

One day I will look back at these times and laugh.

My true ambition is to apply principles outside the box toward business and write a book. My old mentor … Tom Pace just published a book. “the Kid and the CEO” or something like that. You can find it at Barnes and Noble. He stole my idea.

I do believe risk is the key to a lot of successes!
I also believe in risk management.
Red or black, place yer bets…

The Babe Ruth scenario. (Baseball player)

In his day he was regarded, and is remembered as the home run king.

He also lead the league for most strike-outs. But very few remember or even care about that.

I can’t relate to those people. The ones that accept mediocrity in exchange for security. The ones that are happy with an hourly wage because they don’t have the ca hones to live up to their potential.

CFP… Go rent the movie “Boiler Room”. I think it came out in 2000. You will definitely like it.

Hey Louie, I looked up “The boiler room” which led me to youtube. After watching a couple of snippets I went on to watching “Glengarry glenross” & then on many many more sales advisers. Thanks for the lead.
You could spend all day watching Youtube!

Heck Yeah…

Glen Gary Glen Ross is a classic…

Boiler Room is the GG GR of the new generation. I get pumped just thinking about it.

“Act as if!!!”