I bought my first bottle of Windex

I wanted something different for my next flier. No big house, no shiny window, I just wanted to try something different. So I came up with a “spoof” on windex. There’s 2 fliers to a 8.5 x 11 sheet of a paper, I just cut them right down the middle. They’re printed on nice glossy paper.

Sadly, I had to buy a bottle of windex to take the picture.

Can we see it?

I hate when I forget to add the attachment…

Damm thats clever… I may “borrow” the concept if that’s cool.

Sure. The slight problem I’m worried about is that some may get the idea that I use a spray bottle, like windex. I think that would be an isolated case though…

I should have added my email address too, to allow people to book through that. I’ll do that next printing.

some may think you use windex to clean windows. the first thing i thought of was windex when i saw the ad.

Yeah, Some may. Some may not care either though. Some may be curious.

It’s important too that these are only going to houses that have already been targeted with other fliers of mine, which show the big house with shiny windows. They’re probably already familar with how I clean windows.

Looking at it from another angle: when these people grab a bottle of Windex, will they think about this flier? Hope so! That’s worth gold in itself.

Micah, I like the idea that you going for. Because people may think you use windex and what not to clean windows I would maybe try a different approach. I might try usnig the bottle of windex with a big [FONT=“Arial Black”]X[/FONT] thru it and to the right have a picture of you and your guys with the WE Wash Windows etc. and or your logo. Just a thought.

I wanted to do the same thing on my last postcard and I didn’t so probably the next batch will be something like that, or the opposite of that actually.

Like Linda said, I wanted the Windex bottle, with label and everything inside a red circle with a diagonal bar, like a prohibition sign used in traffic.

I like this angle, too.

“Just say no to windex” or something like that.

or maybe a “WUA” Windex Users Anonymous

“Hello, my name is Linda, and it’s been 4 years since I last used Windex to clean my windows…”

[SIZE=“1”](that may be a bit too edgy, actually, but its an interesting concept)[/SIZE]

I hadn’t planned on explaining my full plan so early, but oh well. This flier is going out to prepare some potential customers.

Here’s phase two: I’m getting actual (empty) bottles, similar to the windex bottle. I’ll fill the bottle with water and blue food coloring. Then I’m printing labels for front and back. The front will have my logo, and in bold print “follow instructions on back for perfect beautiful windows”.

Here’s what the back lable will say: 1) do not use this spray bottle. 2) call we wash windows at (#) 3) enjoy! 4) if you are totally satisfied with your windows, pass this bottle to a neighbor or friend.

These fancy labled spray bottles will go to select homes where the fliers were delivered.

Hey, I don’t know if this will work. I’m just experimenting and having fun. Hope this made since, I’m typing on my blackberry.

Interesting Micah. It’s definitely outside the box thinking! Keep us informed.

I do use Windex & Paper Towels. Is there something wrong with that?

No. Just add gg3 to the mix and youre good 2 go.

wish I had thought of it.

Just hope that everybody reads the back, (do not use this bottle). Or you may be getting calls about the blue stain they just left on something in their house. Maybe pull the straw out of the sprayer so that it does not work, just to cover yourself. That is if you use a liquid that may stain.


Not to mention, creating a fun experience for your prospects.

Great idea, Micah. And I’d probably just put water and dish soap inside, to cover yourself…

Nice Micah !

Let us know how it goes please.

How are you planning on deliver the bottles ?
leave the “naked” bottle on the door ? knock at the door ? Mail them (too $$)?

hey kevin, this is micah’s cousin Jared. I really love Your suggesstion. ’ Hi, my name is linda, and i haven’t used Windex in 4 years…" thats hilarious. And at the same time is genius for marketing. I love that approach.

Hey man.

Thx, Jared.

If we can make people laugh or smile, we are worth gold to the prospect/client.

Life is stressful and frustrating for most people, most of the time. Create a little oasis, even if for a moment, and we forge a little bond with them.