I do mostly:

Residential… but I want more commercial.

I do mostly residential now, and I want more residential!

I like the commercial I have, though.

There are benefits to storefront that are often overlooked.


  • simple work
  • cleaner windows (windows haven’t been dirty for years)
  • 52 weeks a year work - no starving for cash in the winter
  • easier scheduling for employees
  • customer usually doesn’t expect perfection - although that’s no excuse to cut corners - but it’s easier to work with customers like that.

I want more storefront and simple commercial, but it has to be well-priced. So far $60/hour I get over an 8 hour day including breaks and lunch. I’d like to get $80-$100 as I develop my new business.


Mike those are the exact reasons I want more.

I find that it differs here:

Not simple work -too many obstacles with inside & outside cleaning. The windows are usually hand prints only on the outside but fly deposits on the inside. And its not year round - seasonal only. There are too many holidays (fiestas) here to make a decent schedule. These shops are the first to be targeted by cowboy window cleaners trying to get there foot on the ladder & undercharging. You can only clean in working hours. There are no areas to park.

He said Cowboy Window Cleaners…


Hey, sorry if I offended - that’s what we call them here. Yee-hah.

(Is this a case of “lost in translation?”)

Naah… just found it humorous…

Just because I live in Oklahoma doesn’t mean I am a cowboy.

and yes… we do drive cars here.

(When I first moved here I thought everyone was going to be on a horse and buggy. :D)

When I moved here…all the reports were true.

I do mostly residential right now. I’m selling the commercial I have and am concentrating on doubling my once a month house route. The houses take less time overall and have a higher value. I recently signed a contract w/ Merry Maids in my area to do all their window cleaning so that will expand my resi base as well.