I feel like I'm a vet but this one bugged me

70 panes in/out one time clean only just dirt. Your price?

One time clean as if they’re prepping to sell? I’d prob be around $450 - $500

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Do they have screens ? Do they want the tracks vacuum? What’s the sqft? Are there lots of high interior windows ? How many hours will it take ? Do clients sound picky ? Depends on a lot of factors, I would be around 500-550 in my area

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No screens, no interior ladder work no tracks! Glass in/out 70 panes in/out one off cleaning. I bid $440.00. I did $6 a pane and then an additional $2 add on for each second story window witch was $448 but I decided on $440.00. Generally I would have been closer to the late 400s to mid 500s but I’m a little slow right now due to fires in our area.


Yes to sell!

That’s a good fair price , with out screens , tracks , no inside ladder work I would probably be $420

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