I have 5 estimates tomorrow. Wish me luck

I have 5 residential estimates tomorrow. They’re in a nice neighborhood. Price of homes go up to a couple million. I’m trying to get into more residential work now. I have only done 2 houses so far. Got my quote forms, quote worksheet,and my Rainflow sample. Hope everything goes well. Got all of these from cold calling. Any advice before I head out there? Wish me luck.

Be friendly, curteous, and above all punctual. If you have a set time make sure you’re not late. 1st impressions count. Hope it goes well for you!:wink:

Dress well and don’t forget that morning shower :wink:

best of luck

Defiantly look sharp, clean and respectable. Above all, exude confidence!

Best of luck Topnotch, I’m sure you will get all those 5 jobs. I had a day like yours on Tuesday 3 residential window jobs and 1 air duct cleaning job sure feels good after a terrible Dec and Jan. lets us know the out come

Thanks guys. I will let you know how it goes.

all the above + Smile!

And tell them the price like its the time, looking them right in the eye.

What time is it? 12:27
How much is it? $294.00

No hesitation.

Never realized I did this till now. It does work almost everytime:D

Well I’m back. I was intimidated by how big and nice these homes were. Never counted so many windows. Landed one for $365 for exterior only. Will be doing that next week. Had a ton of french windows. Lady was nice. The others sounded interested and want to wait for the pollen to finish falling. I’m going to follow up with a letter next week. Thanks for the advice.

pollen falling ?? where do you live ? :smiley:

South Carolina

The pollen is not really falling quite yet. But people around here know that it WILL fall. It covers everything. It will make a black car look yellow.

It’s great if we have a couple heavy rains right around the time the pollen is out. It knocks it out of the trees. Last year it was bone dry though, so we had a long pollen “season”.

I noticed the pollen on my shoes when I was walking around the houses. I gets pretty bad around here.

Time to go out and shake some trees :cool:

Hello all. I have yet to post since I joined but I have learned alot. That is one of the best tips I have heard so far. I struggle with getting that quote out the way it is in my mind. I always want to say one price but it always seems to come out less. Then I kick myself all the way home. Tell them like its the time. That really helps! Thanks

It was a really “enlighting” tip for me too. Not that I’m a veteran and know everything, but I never saw it like that, cannot count how many trips back home kicking myself I’ve had too.

BTW … is $294.00 AM or PM ? :smiley:

It’s PM for pay me!:wink:


Practice in the car, or by yourself, while you’re walking around the house. Practice saying it out loud.

“It’s 12:27pm. Your price is $294.00”

Over and over.

You’ll feel silly, but I promise it will help.

Don’t tell the customer what time is it, just the price :slight_smile: