I have ReachIt Pro 4 and need to "comfortably" do 4 story widows

I honestly don’t use my Pro4 but for a couple/few jobs per year.

But I have an annual, that requires 4 story work, who just scheduled next week.
And I promised myself I wouldn’t compromise my neck and arms to fully stretch to reach 4th floor anymore.

Semantics, blah blah, ‘it’s four story if the 4th floor is low’,
‘the average person is 6 ft then add the 30 some feet and you’re close’ etc…

Here’s the deal…
- I have a Pro4
- I actually NEED to get to the fourth floor,
(like all day/everyday day for a week. Not just a random stretch)

- I want to do so without the pole resting on the palm of my fully stretched arms.

- I dont see the EXT but, I see A,B, and C whatever…
(I realized I asked this before, and got a good answer, but I cant find the thread.- my fault on that)

- Do I need/option for an adapter for $100 bucks?

My poleskin has always ‘ride up’ leaving the bottom 6-8 inches exposed.
But I’m gonna pick up “Power and Control” to take the poleskin out of the picture.

I have 2 End Defenders that randomly popped off, that are sitting in my glove box.
(I’ll fix that, too…Can I epoxy them back?)

Long story short…
I have a four story pole, that I need to comfortably reach 4th floor windows…
What else do I need?!?

A extentends the top of the pole and is made of hi mod cf so it is stiffer.
b extends the middle of the pole and is hi mod cf so stiffer
you can use a second b to extend even further or u can use the c which is the same as the original xt not hi mod. consequently a little heavier and cheaper (stiffness not and issue because large diameter at the base won’t flex.
you don’t need an adapter unless you want to be able to join the a and b together to make a seperate pole. the second adapter is to join the bto b or b to c
perry has a long but thorough video i’ll see if i can find


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that will require the D special pole and the NZ adapter.

Thanks, man… I know I asked this before, so I take the blame for forgetting.

So, I should go with “Precision A” at $550 to comfortably reach 4 story windows?

I’ll fix the rest, myself… as long as it saves me the stretching/neck pain from looking straight up, it’s all good!

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that’s what i’m gonna do to extend my mini get the a so i can use it as another pole too. ask them to throw in some of those cool prism glasses.

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wow, that looks like the kind of post i might make if i had the patience.

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@JfromtheD Better to answer your questions…

@John and @Perry_Tait

My quick fix:
DIY a 4’ to 6’ extension for the base, bolt through ext and base run hose external (not sure if your an inny or outy)

  • Temporary fix for a problem.

hope this helps!


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i think i have everything in hand

Ive done a nice fix for the Rhiotube catching inside
(cut, then add a metal connect to add just enough weight to keep tubing from bunching up, inside)

I’m flat out looking to actually, comfortably use my Pro4 for four story work.
(No semantics, no “technically”- I just want to never worry about doing 4 story work again.)

Im not griping, in the least…
The Credit Card is ready, I just want to know how much.what to buy, besides the pole itself
to never worry about 4 story windows ever again.

No DIY, no step ladder stretch moves, I just want to never worry about 4 story windows again.

Seeing a pattern? :slight_smile:

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Dang… okay gotcha :wink:

  • tried and true always ready to go! :sunglasses:

Then give @John a call right now he is available 24 hours a day to set you straight.


I’m cool with the purchasing part of it… I just wanted to see what other users suggested.
@cactus27 straightened my ass out. :slight_smile:

Like i said, I asked before, and got a great response… I just got lazy and couldn’t find the thread.

  • "Quick fix* and I’m ready to purchase what I need to comfortably do 4 story work with my reachIt4 pole.
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Water fed pole 4th story …comfortable… it dosent go together

The new 2016 version of the Reach It has several options there is the A B and C. A and B are made out of a more rigid material and are inserted into the pole instead of at the bottom. The C is made out of the same material and a little heavier and goes at the bottom of the pole like the XT did in the pass. If I was you I would start out with A first. That will give you a 49 foot pole with a 55 feet working height.

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Well depends on your equipment

Looks cool. Should be good for jigging for fish too :fish:.

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