I have Sphaerolobolus

Black globs stuck on windows and vinyl siding?
What is it?
Micrologists call it Sphaerobolus

I’ve run into more again this season. A year and a half ago I copied and pasted some articles I found.
It’s funny all the things people have told me it was.


I believe here in the states its commonly known a “Artillery fungus” or “Shotgun fungus”

Yes…its a PITA to say the least!:smiley:

You can also call them “additional costs” if the glass is riddled with them. Craigs right on the name. You will usually find this issue where mulch beds are. Some mulch is sprayed with fungicide to prevent mold etc. We always called them “mold spores”. They are perfectly round and a pain in th rear!

Sphaerobolus is the scientific name; Artillery fungus or Shotgun fungus are the names we window monkeys use.