I killed the COW

In an effort to speed up the forums operation I killed the spelling cow this morning. The Forums built in spelling system works just fine though.

For those who use it.

Do or did you use it?

I alweys use it

mem to

uze whot?

I used it, but my browser has spell check as well so it doesn’t bother me, I think you are right Chris, most people would rather have faster forum speed over spell check.

Yeah thats what I figured… There are a couple other items I am fixing up this week… I want everything to be running as fast as possible.

I really just noticed it when replying via the Quote feature – the spell check identified/highlighted the text I brought into my reply.

I may be the only one who ever gets that Larry.

Also,that was your 3rd post here, so you mean you used it all 2 posts? Thats funny. Welcome by the way, this is the best window cleaning message board on the whole internet.

And on that whole dubya, dubya, dubya, dubya thing too!