I Lost 5 lbs With Glass Renu!

That’s right and now you can too. Join the Glass Renu weight loss revolution!

It’s simple: Just purchase your Glass Renu scratch removal system. Read all the literature and watch all the videos. Practice on a few small jobs and then get busy cleaning windows like you did before purchasing your Glass Renu system. After a couple of months pass, you then need to sell a total resurfacing job on a shower unit with water spot damage that cannot be removed with Bioclean, One Restore, CC550, or Mr. Hard Water. Now comes the most important part of the Glass Renu weight loss program. DO NOT READ ANY LITERATURE OR VIEW ANY VIDEOS to refresh your memory. This will allow you to be afraid of using a red pad and you can spend the first two hours trying to use the black pad. Additionally, you will now move the unit too quickly across the glass creating swirl scratches that won’t come out with the gray pad or the polishing compound. After two failed attempts on the same piece of glass, call Cody or Cole, your weight loss professionals, and get reminded of the proper technique. By the time you finish the same 40 sq ft piece of glass three times you should have lost at least 5 lbs. So order your Glass Renu system today and get started on your way to a slimmer and trimmer you.

[SIZE=“1”]Actual results may vary[/SIZE]

How much weight would you have lost if you did it the right way??

I’m not sure. Any weight loss may be slowed by the massive growth of your arm muscles.

However, this weight loss program, although not as rapid as p90x, does give rewards that other programs don’t offer. . . . . . you actually get paid as you lose weight. So don’t wait, join the Glass Renu weight loss revolution today.

[SIZE=“1”]Actual weight loss and finacial gain may vary[/SIZE]

The weight loss is only temporary, as you will find out.

You probably only lost water … it might be just a fad like all the others

Believe it or not, the weight stayed off for about a month. However, my regular diet of fried chicken, ice cream, or whatever craving I may have, isn’t producing the weight loss I would like to see. Shoot, it ain’t even helping me maintain. Maybe I should try . . . dare I say it . . . [SIZE=1]exercise[/SIZE].