I’m freaking out please help (customer factor)

Hello all,

I have been using the customer factor for two years now and I’ve been super happy with it. A couple days ago they tried to take the monthly payment but it got declined because I recently switched my credit card. I had emailed them and let them know to try again in a couple days.

Fast forward to tonight, I just tried to log in and am getting invalid account status! I am trying to keep my cool but am really worried they deleted all of my data. Obviously they’re not currently open but I did send and email off.

On the faq it says the do backup all the data but encourage us to do so as well because they cannot likely retrieve it (what’s the point of their backups then?) please if anybody has had a similar experience or know how they operate help me out my mind a ease. I haven’t done a backup in a long time and that’ll be years of work down the drain. Please help!

I’d call Steve in the AM theres not much that can be done right now. He’s super helpful.

Ya call Steve. I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m sure it’s backeed up., but I do understand the panic.