I need a Dream

When I was a kid and would visit my Aunt, she would take me and my cousins roller skating. Everyone knew how to skate, but me. I so wanted to be able to get on those skates and make it around the rink without falling, but I did not go often enough to really learn how.

Then one night, I had a dream, I was skating. It was so real, I could remember the feel of every movement. To my amazement, the next time I went roller skating, I remembered my dream, and I actually had learned how to skate from that dream! Nothing fancy, but I didn’t spend any time on the floor and for the first time, my knees were bruise free!

Yesterday at work, we needed to clean the windows. I quickly volunteered for the job, because I wanted that practice. I must say, you all make it look so easy fanning those blades! My practice … well lets just say I need [B]a lot[/B] more of it. It sure would be nice if I could learn how in a dream! :slight_smile:

Joie - N. CA

The secret to fanning is simply not over thinking it. When I first was shown how to clean glass they showed me this boring method. Then I would see them just wing the squeegee all over on their jobs. I would sneak and try it and just S-U-C-K!

I would fan every place I went to even though it slowed me down. 1 year later I was the most productive window cleaner out of 26. I was a terror with a squeegee.

Practice on your mirror at home or sliding glass patio doors (if you have them). One day you will just be doing it.

First you need to get used to the grip of the squeegee and applying the right amount of pressure never allowing the blade to leave the glass until you’re finished.

that is the tough part


If at all possible it would be to your advantage to find a proficient window cleaner close by that you can shadow. He or she can train you with the proper techniques so you can do the right things from the very start.

If you try to learn it on your own or by trial and error it will take a lot longer and you may develop bad habits or teach yourself incorrect techniques.

Like everybody says, it’s not rocket science but there are certain guidelines and basic laws of physics that come into play. I guess these are what we call tricks of the trade.

I wish I would’ve had someone to show me the proper techniques from the start. It would’ve saved me so much time and frustration.

Be sure to read as much as you can here and on other forums. WCR has video’s from both the staff and members that are very beneficial, especially for someone new to the game.

Best of luck and welcome to our world.

//youtu.be/Fanning Residential Windows - YouTube

//youtu.be/Fanning Commercial Windows - YouTube


There are a load of videos on the blog - this is probably best for you at this time. And [URL=“http://robinson-solutions.blogspot.com/2008/11/window-cleaning-videos-for-beginners_10.html”]using a pole.

Thanks for the support and all of your tips! I have been watching those videos and they are great! Yes I have noticed that pressure is very important, boring way or not. Even the boring vertical or horizontal way, I continued to get streaks, until I managed to adjust the pressure points just right. Finally … a streak free window! Yesterday fanning, little swirls would occassionaly show up, no doubt that is a pressure issue too. Practice practice, makes my house a house with very clean windows!

Practice practice practice. You’ll get it before you know it.

I practiced so much on one of the windows of my house that the paint on the frame has dissapeared. You will get it eventually.