I need advice on what I can sell this ladder rack for

I have a full size 20 ft ladder rack that will fit a 8 ft. bed. I want to sell it on craigslist. I will provide a pic to see exactly what I am selling. I just wanted to get a general idea of what you guys would sell for something like this. I am selling the rack and the custom made tool boxes with it. The rack can be easily seperated from the toolboxes so that the owner can customize it to his liking. When I bought my Chevy it came with this setup but I think it is way overkill for my current needs. I want to take some of the weight off the truck and make it look “cleaner” and maybe just have a backrack on it. I doubt I will carry any 40ft ladders anymore since I want to go in the WFP direction:)

I really don’t have a clue what something this size would cost but I would imagine it being over $800. This rack is really strong too and holds just about anything. I am not trying to sell this on this forum. Just want some figures you guys could shoot at me;) I was looking on craigslist but had some bad examples. BTW, everything works with the toolboxes and all. It has lockable boxes and shelves inside. Really, a pic doesn’t do it justice but can’t upload anything else at the moment.

Thanks for your help guys,
P.s. I would upload a video but my computer doesn’t have bluetooth and my phone takes crappy videos. sorry:(

you dont get much for used ladder racks i see them on craigs list for $200 or less. If i were you keep it you may need it some day. and when you want to customzed it for yourself later for hose reels or poles. if you want to build a new one out of 1x2 steel for a truck like yours it will prob be around a grand with no customization. Dont sell tools that might be used later.

Can you have a welder customize your rack by shortening it a bit (cut and re-weld so that it runs from cab to tailgate getting rid of everything from the front bumper and hood area.) and then sell the toolboxes? Then you will not need to buy a new rack.

I am not seeing anything on Craigslist in my area for more than 300 bucks. I don’t think you could get enough for it. I agree that you would be better modifying it to fit your current needs or setting it up in your shop to store ladders, poles and other tools on.

This I could do myself. I just need a cut-off tool and I can cut it where it just about hits the windshield. The push bar is bolted in so I would just have to take a socket wrench to that. In all honestly, it is the front that is the eyesore. I absolutely hate how it looks. The toolboxes are a little annoying to when driving and seem to block my view at times. I have sport mirrors so it does help with blind spots but I never can look out the rear view mirror because it’s blocked too. I guess the diamond back I could use a sawzall on but then again it does protect the back window.

I really doubt I could get $400 or $500 like I wanted too so I might as well keep it. I guess I will cut it back a bit and maybe remove the toolboxes. The toolboxes are pretty nifty at times because they have shelves in them and I can store all my rags, squeegees, rubbers, chemicals, and various hand tools. I also love how I can easily access and lock all my tools up. Maybe I could just make it a winter project and take off the boxes and repaint them white. The only reason I wanted to sell it is because I desperately want to be debt free and to take off some of the weight off the truck:) I will take your guys advice since I may need it later. I could always take everything off but it definitely would be a pain bolting it back on and getting guys to help me. Thanks for helping me come back to my senses:)

Anyone else have any ideas?

I’m sure we all at one time have sold something and really deep down regretted it.

You can get an air-powered cutoff tool at Harbor Freight for under 15 bucks

Thanks Bumble Bee!

Yeah I was just at Advanced Auto and saw a cutoff tool for $30 bucks! Harbor Freight is so fun to shop at. I bought car creepers for $15. Pittsburg tool wrench sets for under $10. They have amazing deals and suprisingly some of the tools hold up quite well.

I was just on craigslist and the highest priced ladder rack was $350 so I doubt I will get much for mine, esp. since I have an awkward size one. Now I will have to hear the calls come pouring in since I can’t remove my listing!! I guess I could put SOLD on a seperate listing.

if you want to makke some cash put your tool boxes from the ladder rack up for sale. i think you could get $175 to $250 a box. check the prices new. those are worth morth than your ladder rack. buy 1 0r 2 husy truck tool boxes to fit inside truck bed. put your supplies in there and section them off and leave your side walls open and the rear. i have tool huge tool boxes in the back wide and deep plus a 65 gallon water tank, 4000 psi pressure washer 2 5 gallon gerry cans gas and diesel i leave the tail gate down permanently with the bed extender and the rest in the open bed. im getting an attachment for my hitch to carry another box. lets face it the more your can carry with you and the more organized you are the faster you are the more money you make. NEVER be afraid to invest in your self. it pays off more than any other investment

Why don’t you just throw it on Craig’s List for what ever price you want to sell it for? Chances are it won’t sell but you never know. What’s it going to cost you? No money but some time answering emails and phone calls. There may be some guy out there looking for some setup just like this but not wanting to pay the fabrication costs for it.