I need an Attention Grabbing Headline. Any Ideas

I’ve been taking Kevin’s advice about not using your company name as a headline for brochures/fliers. I need an attention grabbing headline that will get people to read my brochure, and perhaps even chuckle and remeber it. Does any one have any ideas? I’m talking about something someone will see on the front page of a brochure.

‘Stimulus package thats actually stimulating’ - Saw that one in the newspaper today

I hate the word stimulus. I always think about it in a sexual sense whenever the word is mentioned.

Headlines are everything in advertising and every marketing book/course/expert will tell you that is where the sale starts.

You do not want funny (in my opinion). Me and my wife see this commercial every night (can’t remember it at the moment). At the end of it she says “that is really a funny commercial”. Last night after it was over I did not know what the product or company was. I looked at my wife and said "what was that for? She said “I don’t know”

One of her favorite commercials and she has no idea what it sells and who is selling it. We see it several times a night…

Funny is not meaningful. A fart is funny. You don’t want them to remember the ad, you want them to remember your company/brand.

Use your personality in the body of the text and leave it off the headline. Emphasize the best/unique [U]benefit[/U] of using your service in your headline.

Stimulus is way overused right now. Every company has their “stimulus package”. If they all sound alike, they become alike.

I agree, just a different spin I guess,

Mike, even though I am your competitor, and its kinda dumb to empower you, here is a little tip that I learned from an experienced, successful copywriter:

[I]The primary objective of the first line (the headline) in any marketing piece is to get you to read the second line. And the primary purpose of the second line is to get you to read the third line, etc.[/I]

Funny is okay, as long as it helps you accomplish the singular objective of the piece, which involves action.

If it grabs their attention and gets them reading, its on its way towards accomplishing its job.

At the end of the day, have a clear objective for the flyer or brochure, in terms of what specific action you want the reader or recipient to take. As long as the recipient ends up taking it, then the piece is a winner, and the headline is working.

Thanks Kevin.