I need help with cleaning printed vinyl window clings

Hey guys need to ask question I have store front that has printed vinyl on the out side window with little small holes that is trapping soap? I need to know how clean the printed vinyl window clings.

Use very little if no soap. Pure water works best. Then dry with micro fiber or scrim.

Thank you for answering the question I though I was going to have to use water with no soap add.

Can you use pump up with pure water.

If your talking about perforated vinyl than Im pretty sure its glued to the window with an adhesive. I’ve never seen a perf static cling on a storefront. We clean as normal and then wipe the entire window down after a light squeegee. Its the only way (aside from pure water) we’ve foudn to clean them properly.

Also, be very careful, most of that stuff is not very strong and its easy to wear out the edges and cause tearing.

For sure that should rinse it well. Then you just dry and go.

Window Clings are very similar to clear window decals except the adhesive back on clings has less strong glue for very easy removal. Static cling vinyl is delicate, yet durable for use on smooth, external surfaces, such as car windows