I need help with my first estimate!

Hey, I’m just about ready to launch my business (have the llc, insurance, etc) working on my CRM and website. I approached a vacation rental property manager and he asked me for a bid. Sweet…right?

I want to get it right since he manages about 75 vacation rental properties.

I want to keep it simple…

I’m in Yachachts, Oregon and everything is a bit more expensive here.

Details: 2 story house. He wants me to clean inside and out, screens, and 6 skylights.
I think I can reach the skylights with a 4’ ladder and my extension pole.
17 windows and six skylights.
Mostly 3’x3’ and 5’x3’ windows and some sliding glass doors.
I don’t want to be a total low baller, but I have no idea what folks are charging.

The customer said the last guy (retired) charged way more than $ 10 for inside and out.

I’m thinking $5 per pane plus a couple of bucks for the screens.
Maybe a bit more for the 5’x3’ window.
None of the windows have grids…fairly straight forward.

I don’t want to dive to the bottom price wise, but the client could potentially swing me a load of properties.

This is my first job and I’m a bit nervous about the bit.

thanks for any input,

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Do you have any pictures for reference?

I’m in the Midwest. Sounds to me like I’d probably be charging $300 for the window cleaning and $50-$75 for the screen cleaning. If you’re in Oregon you could be in the $400-$600 range for total.

One thing I’m not clear on though is you said 17 windows. Is that 17 panes? If so I personally think $300-$400 for the job in total is a fair bid, at the very least you’re not getting ripped off, but I don’t know your market. Be careful, because you don’t want to be low enough that you have to continue those low prices for all the other jobs he might send your way and you end up with a curse instead of a blessing.

If it’s 17 double hung windows (34 panes) you’d be better off with $400 as your minimum quote (including skylights and screens) and to not go below that. If you’re decent at cleaning it will probably take you 3-4 hrs, I think I could be in and out in under 3 by the sounds of it.

Good luck!

Edit to say that here I charge $5 per screen, I actually wash them with a screen washer if You’re just wiping them off or something a couple dollars per screen is more fair for sure, but if You’re actually washing them don’t shortchange yourself.

Do you have any window cleaning experience?

Thanks for taking the time and responding so thoroughly; I appreciate it!
You are correct; many single-hung windows.
The screens are very nasty; full of moss. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a good game plan now…thanks.


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Hey Stevo76,
I have about a year and a half cleaning experience, but absolutely zero estimating.

Have a good one,

We can help as well, just fill this out: What Would You Charge – WindowCleaner.com