I need stack ladders

In dire need of some aluminum stack ladders. I’m based in Canton Ohio. I bought some wooden ones but they are awful compared to the real deal lol. Is anyone willing to sell a used set? I only need a 4 stack!!! I also have these wooden ones for sale if anyone’s interested!

Good thing it’s 20% off ladders at WCR… grab some for a decent amount cheaper…


Do you know how often do they have this sale?

Curious how much those wooden sections weigh?

They wouldn’t work for me, since my ladders are exposed to the elements on my open truck. But for
Someone that has an enclosed van and wants a set to clean up and refinish, there’s some advantages to wood I’m guessing. At the very least they’ll be warmer to the touch on cold days.

They’re not as heavy as you may think but definitely not as light as the aluminum sets. They need sanded down if anything so you don’t have to worry about splinters. I’ve got a truck cover so they’re fine in my truck

Once a year usually

You are in luck. We have a 20% off sale on stack ladders deal that’s just about to end. They also ship free - Ladders – WindowCleaner.com

Let us know if we can help.