I need tips for doing the inside freezer doors at a grocery store

any ideas will help i dont want to flood their slippery floors and i’ve never cleaned glass freezer doors before so fill me with knowledge at your leisure.

just use enough water to wet the door. then wipe up ledges. you should be good!


Drop cloth(towel)

From Mark [MENTION=67]Beautiful View[/MENTION] in another thread;

Cold Water + Professional Window Cleaning soap/dish soap + alcohol = no freeze and good clean. You’ll have to experiment with the amount of alcohol.


20/10 windshield wiper fluid (antifreeze) in your mix, 1 cup per gallon. use light water, pull down, have a towel on the floor, inside of door will probably fog… ignore and close the door… look down that long isle of doors and, tap your forehead with the palm of your hand and ask “why am I doing this…?”


Thanks for the info Jimmy I have done a few …LOL.

Just trying to help [MENTION=6469]Jaran[/MENTION] out with info.

[B]Because the customer wants it done and it goes fast once you get the rhythm [/B] LOL

I know some of these doors can be pretty bad. Milk, soda and all sorts of gunk, especially if not cleaned in a while. I remember a 7/11 we cleaned we used a steamer. Cleaned the glass and blasted the gunk off. Sanitized it as well. Ran pure water thru it so it didn’t leave spots. Usually it evaporates fast so won’t spot anyway. Door was open long enough to heat up a bit. Not a lot off dripping either. If you wipe or squeegee, use a small drop cloth and if have a microfiber flat mop. Easy to mop it up and you don’t need a bucket. Maybe a place to ring out every so often.
Like most places, they want you to clean while still open so probably cannot steam clean, cord running across floor. Alcohol mix will work just fine.

so you guys are saying the water will freeze unless I use alcohol?

No. Wait is this like a sub zero or like the frige freezers like a walmart has storing icecream, pizza, etc…? May just fog up like when you open the door and cannot decide what you want then close the door and it fogs. As long as you squeeze the water off and try a tad of alcohol in the mix it will help with the fogging. I use alcohol in my slip mix and if you pull there is not much problem with pulling. At first it will be like trying to clean glass on a rainy day and very humid. The door will warm a bit and the alcohol will help remove extra moisture. It will fog a bit until the cool dry air evaps all remaining moisture

It can…

can you use rubbing alcohol I usually use de icer but I dont like the blue color.

I’d imagine that Sprayaway or Zep would be perfect for the job.


Cold Water + Professional Window Cleaning soap/dish soap + [B]alcohol[/B] = no freeze and good clean.

Sprayaway + mirco/huck= micro/huck sticking to the glass (in my experience Chris).

I would have mentioned that but seems if you mention sprays here you get hell. My lineage comes from from being Son of Huck Scrim and Widow Windex. Sort of a wiping pro. Ditched the can sprays but prefer an alcohol, vinegar or acidic acid, and maybe a cleaner like Zep or other clear window spray mix. Mainly for touch ups or where I can wipe quicker than squeegee. Some glass you will need to nose to glass. Squeegee off dirty solution and spray polish out. You can pull with an alcohol mix. Less soap residue left on glass. If there is residue, which soaps do leave, it will be noticeable once it fogs. Buffing/cleaning the glass will prevent this. Rather quick to do. You can add a bit of anti fog to the mix. If wipe have enough hucks, scrims, or good cotton. No paper towels. Only for cleaning up gunk. Don’t want to soil cloths with gunk. Ruins them.

How much do you charge for doors?