I now have more Professional Association Memberships than employees!

Today I just signed up for WCRA (year 2), Master Window Cleaners of America, and IWCA.

My AmEx processor is happy.

Now for all the free swag!

…oh, and how are you guys making the most of the MWCoA and IWCA?

Make your AmEx processor really happy and buy me a WCRA membership :cool::smiley:

What do [COLOR=#333333]MWCoA and IWCA memberships do? are their any benefits?[/COLOR]

Im not affiliated with other assoc. should I be? Why?

Honestly I personally don’t feel like I get anything out of being a part of the IWCA.
The MWCoA is good - decent interaction and have built some good friendships there.
I’m not being partial by any means but the WCRA is really where your money is best served.

If you need the tax deductions then IWCA might benefit you. Nothing else there though. As for the MWCoA I think you’ll get more out of being a member here in terms of interaction. Also you now have access to the WCRA are on the forum which will give you even more intense interaction and priceless info to build your business. What else could you need?