I put in my letter of resignation today!

I just wanted to tell everybody that I put in my letter of resignation today at my day job. My last day is Feb 27th. It was a hard decision because I actually make quite a good living as a telecommunications engineer. I have been running my business while having my day job for over a year and a half now. I didn’t do it alone however because my wife handles most of the day to day operations. Anyway, this is a huge step for me and I just wanted to share my excitement. I want to thank all of you for helping me get to this stage and look forward to continuing the relationships that have developed so far through this great forum.

Wow. Thats really encouraging. I have been in business for 6 months now and hope to quit my day job next year some time. I make a pretty good living at my day job as an architectural designer but my the income potential with this business is sooo much greater.


Congratulations and Good Luck on this new chapter in your life!
I hope to follow in your footsteps (I’m not sure when yet).

Congratulations Kurt:D I will be doing the same thing soon as I know the real money won’t come until I am fulltime in my business instead of someone elses.:smiley:

Congrats Kurt! I hope it works out well. If you have a chance come up to Iowa for the Midwest Window Cleaners Conference in July. You’ll have a chance to pick the brains of a ton of experienced wcers and get some hands on tool time w/ great wfp equipment!

Thanks guys, I appreciate it! Tony, I will definitely be there in July for sure! I’ve been planning on it for a while now and am really looking forward to it.

I was just about to call you a moron but then read the rest of your post. :wink: I thought you were a guy just tossing out a 9 to 5 (or should I say 24/7 when it comes to telcom :wink: ) for a new start up.
But you have your business running already so go for it. Takes a really BIG PAIR in this economy. But make sure you bank cause those extra bucks are now going to be the main source and that makes life scary sometimes. But the nice thing is, once you get past that scary (can I support myself) time and you see that you can. You will never go back to work for someone again unless they offer you a brick of money and even then you might think twice. Nothing like being the boss. No one to call in sick to (even if your not sick) and no one to tell you anything. Well not no one, your customers are now your boss to a certain extent. I love it. I woke up at 11:30 the other day cause I had no work. I was talking to old high school friends on facebook. The one girl was talking about how tired she was. I told her I just woke up. She asked what I do. I told her, “what ever I want when I want”. She said “must be nice” I said “no it’s being a business owner.” Good luck…

Good luck Kurt.

Ya, I’m looking forward to it. I definitely would not be making this decision right now if we didn’t already have a successful house cleaning business. Luckily that business is all year long and pays the bills and supplies funding to put back into the window cleaning side. This year is all about window cleaning though. Going to crush it this year.

Sounds like you have a great plan. I was “forced” into the business sink or swim and have been playing catch up ever since. Kinda like this:

//youtu.be/EDS "Airplane" - YouTube

That is a cool video. Kurt. Good luck buddy. Takes a lot of courage to walk away from the MAN. Remember though, you’re just a number to the man. Be your own MAN! Lots of help on this forum to get you through your first two years of pain!:slight_smile:

nice kurt! i didnt know you still had a 9-5 job + your cleaning business…
i think you will do very well!
you should head up to maryland for the wcr mwcoa event, should be a good time!

I worked for a window cleaning co for 8 years. Greatest people ever! They even gave me some equipment to do it on my own. I moved to the east side of the state (mich) and havent looked back. Its hard as hell scrapin by but ill tell ya…i can say i would do it all over again. Great job Kurt!

Take out the try, and do it! Congrats!

Nick, I will try and make it out there. I really would love to meet some of you guys and put some faces to the writing I see all the time. It just depends on my finances.

Seth, Great advice! I actually edited out the try…haha