I wanna make a wfp

Hey guys,

Have any of you custom made your wfp…from scratch.?

I don’t need a new one at the moment but i would like to work on such a project at my own leisure from now 'til Christmass.

Where would you source carbon fibre?

What materials and tools would be advisable?
I have a rough idea but i would appreciate some suggestions…new ideas.

Or if anyone has custom built their own i’d love to hear from you…pictures would be good too.

Thanks looking forward to some feedback.

are you speaking RO?
I also am interested in the RO, even though I have a DI, it’s still interesting.

I have an RO.
Hard water area

RO is the way to go.

How much reisin do you use every month with DI…
RO eliminates the need…95% cheaper running costs!!!

just got DI, but want to get into RO though.
how much was your RO setup?

My RO was around €5k…but i am paying off in monthly installments of €150 for 3 years…ye its dear but less hassle than DI I believe.
How much was your di?

It’s not the system i want to make though, i am thinking of just making a wfp.
maybe a 45"…out of carbon fibre.

Mine is a 600l so thats why so expensive…you can still get 100l RO for much cheaper…but have less water.

Depending on the TDS in your area, DI only is a lot less hassel, The rule of thumb is that DI is cost effective for a TDS of 100 or lower, anything from 100-200, would be more a personal descision as to whether you wanted to pay a little more or go thru the hassel of using an R/o above 200 an r/o is a better idea
All my opinion obviously

Rob, a lot of guys over there use carbon fishing poles to make wfps, Karl would know a lot about this and im sure will respond I believe 30ft is about the limit unless you are really innovative

Hey Mc’boy

nice to hear from you…

I don’t know much bout water systems or that, but i was advised to go for a ro as my water area is hard…has served me well so far.

You using DI then?

Whats glass fibre then…how does it differ to the carbon fibre fishing poles?
are fishing poles not very skinny?..do you mean use lots of carbon fishing rod bases?

How much do you reckon you could make a wfp for then?

Hows work going?

I think the going rate for a 10meter pole is about 35 quid, again Karl will correct me, You use all but the top 2 maybe 3 sections, try the diy waterfedpole site, theres loads of good ideas or the academy, both have posters on here whom Im sure will pitch in when they see the topic, Jeff Brimble has had a pole up close to 100ft, i think mostly made up of fishing poles
No disrespect to the site owners, but wfp equipment is way over priced for what it is, but the wfp equipment is designed to do what it’s supposed to do, whereas a fishing pole is designed for fishing so, you can’t really complain when it breaks
Im still trying to figure out how you take a $10 car washing brush, drill 2 holes and add a couple of jets and 6" of hose and it becomes $50, but then I would rather pay $50 than go to the bother of doing it myself

I have, try youtube channel Windowwashers

wfp pole £30

sry it is crap quality but was first try


Mr. Robinson can tell us about kite-flying poles as well.

Here’s the link for the fishing pole site www.diywaterfedpole.co.uk


Go for the 14.8 metre, ask not to buy the top three & you get it for the same price as the 13 meter package. I also have 5 extensions to go on the bottom of this. So light that you can’t believe it. Personally I would probably go with the Emporium (I think they are Garbolino’s but strengthened) or [URL=“http://www.gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/acatalog/Super-Lite_Poles.html”]Superlight now, they just weren’t out when I purchased this.

Fishing poles fuse together at the sections in the heat & are extremely fragile. You also need a Zensorflex for the top section. Jeff Brimble can make you what you need custom!