Idea for marketing and hiring for fall

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I’m looking at hiring a certain individual for fall who needs work now but i’m entering a slow time. Our thought was to get 10’000= flyers made and pay him and his boys $.25 per flyer. and follow with a mail campaign to the same neighborhoods where the flyers are distributed. My thinking then is by the end of August when my current home school guy is finished there will be sufficient work for the two of us. Any thoughts on this idea would be greatly appreciated.

I think that’s a good plan. 10,000 ought to bring a good return if you pick the right area.

Ken, 10,000 flyers at .25 each=$2500.00 + another $1500.00 for the follow up mail campaign. (If you use eddm). That’s $4000.00 plus printing-another $500.00.

Also, speaking from personal experience, passing out 10,000 flyers in a months time is brutal. I can appreciate the fact that this guy needs work now so he can provide for his family-but it doesn’t make sense to pay his boys.

IDEA: Assuming that you are good friends and that you trust him. Use $3000.00 for printing and eddm, put your friend to work now and get him trained up, and be willing to lend him money if he needs some extra to get by.

.25 is a lot for flyer distribution I would

+1. You should pay between 7 and 10 cents per flyer

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This is a fact. That is WAY too much for distributing. I have talked to
several businesses who have sent out 10,000 ads and had zero response
to very poor response… Imagine spending $3k for nothing

First test the flyer, say 1000. If the response is profitable then roll
it out in bigger numbers. I would pay someone a flat rate.

There are a lot of people who need money right now. I could easily
find someone to accept $200 to pass out 10,000. Plan ahead and
failures wont sting as much.

I have mixed feelings about this thread because so many guys are saying to pay less, even 200 dollars to pass out 10,000 fliers. But if asked how much they charge to clean windows its like 12 dollars a pane or 600/hr but you want to pay minimum wage for someone to help distribute fliers to better your business. I would say that for every sale he gets to keep 5-10% and train him to sell window cleaning. Plus you could offer a wage as well, say minimum wage plus 5% for each confirmed sale like keeping his code on the flier and verifying it when the customer calls. Otherwise don’t tell this guy to get a discounted flier boy unless you want to give discounts on your window cleaning. I never used to like paying full price for anything but since becoming a business owner I realize that is a bad way to live because of Karma. Now I don’t plan to pay for something unless its on sale or unless I want to pay full price. Price matching a competitor for a like product or service would be an exception I think.

Great input… thanks. I need to really think through this one.

There is a good chance that the ad will yield poor response or no response. As for the 'minimum wage’
part of it the person will make far less than my $200 flat fee… not likely going to take more than 35
hours to do so they would likely make a lot more with my offer.

First order of our business is to protect the business. Profit or die. For a ‘quick fix’ I’d just hire someone
to deliver the ads, at the best possible price. The person who gets our offer can reject it if it not fair.

‘fair’ is a subjective term anyway

I agree with you. I hate the attitude that profit is the only thing that matters. I have and will pay people 10 to 12 an hour to drop flyers at a rate most feel feel is a waste.

And yes it should bother you like it does me when others try to get wages for nothing. It’s one thing to price a product and another to price a person to the point of unfair wages.

I would rather work at Walmart as a greeter and give up my business than scheme ways to underpay people.

Profit IS NOT the only thing that matters and not enough philosophy will change that.

Nothing really bothers me or irritates about business but your comments remind me of what’s wrong with most business today.

Disturbing but a reality in even the trade I enjoy. Sad really

I don’t pay more than necessary to get the things I need. I don’t just go with the lowest price either. I go with the best value and that is what I sell to my customers too. Sometimes the best value is the lowest price

Here’s something I’ve been thinking about. The reason we charge premium rates for our cleaning is that we delivery a premium value to our clients.

If your flyer boy or employee is delivering a similarly premium service to you, the employer, then he/she deserves to earn a premium wage.

The trick is finding mutually agreeable terms of “premium service.” If you can empower your people to do this for you, just as you do this for your customers, then there is no reason a flyer delivery guy shouldn’t be paid $2500. (perhaps as JA said actually delivering sales, and alot of them, although that seems a bit unlikely and a completely different job)

Last year I hired a distribution company who charged me .19 cents a piece. I did 1000 a month. She charge less per piece if I had more fliers. I’m not sure what 10,000 would have cost me. But I think it went down to .15 cents a piece. This was more than I wanted to pay, but I could not always get enough time to pass them out myself. The campaign did pretty well. I’m considering doing it again this moth. I has 2500 fliers to deliver and not enough time time get them out there. I put an expiration date of 8/31/12 on them. I would hate to see them go to waste if I can’t get them out in the next week or so.

That’s still ridiculous. You can hire the post office for 14.5 cents, and the flyers have a much better chance of actually getting delivered

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True but they are already printed as fliers. Next time I’ll mail them.

Put the flyers in a plastic bag with a couple rocks and throw them out the car on to the drive way. It’s what I do.

Business has never changed, marketing has. I wish it was ‘fair’ as does everyone, but
it is what it is.

80% of new businesses fail within 2 years- fact. That number does not represent the
others that drone on for 3-4 years.

For those thinking you wont feel right unless you are paying a flyer deliver
more than $16 an hour (that number assumes a 12 hour delivery time as
mentioned earlier, which is about right). That is better than $16 an hour.

Most businesses do not pay cleaners that much… and majority of America
does not make that much. Let’s keep it real people.

If anyone wants to pay the $208 an hour (what the original poster was suggesting), be
my guest. Just make sure you feel warm and fuzzy after you write the check…

By the way, I would be happy to deliver them for you. Please message me if interested

I found so much wrong this post I don’t know where to start so I won’t.

And this works???