Ideas for new WCRA Webinars?

So there has not been a WCRA Member Exclusive Webinar lately due to the fact we knew everyone has been pretty caught up with the busy season. But we are looking to get back into the swing of things with some fresh content and need some ideas from members on who you’d like to hear from on the next webinar.

So please throw out any and all suggestions on topics and/or presenters and I’ll take it from there. Also if you see someone post an idea you find especially interesting please comment about so I know there is multiple people interested in the same thing.

Thank you!

I see a lot of questions on CCU’s. It maybe be a useful seminar to some…

Huh? WCRA is a business building association, not really a window cleaning (how to) association…

@Chris, You should have named it SBBA: Service Business Building Association: Because the WCRA could really be beneficial to just about any service business out there, not just window cleaning/ power washing companies…

On a side note, Ive already saved about $120 through @ cost printing this week. That damn near paid for my renewal fee right there. Ill probably save around $1500/year from @ cost printing…

Now as far as webinar’s go, I have no suggestions:cool:

Thats insane man good for you. I’m very happy we were able to save you that much.

Roof washing, photoshop, soft washing, scratch removal, direct mail, these are not how-to’s?

And to properly remove construction debris could most definitely save your business, or help you build it. However you want to put it.

Truth be told, the webinar wouldn’t affect me what-so-ever. I was just trying to get some ideas rolling.

Emyth possibly?

Get the Built To Sell guy to do one for us! Tell him he’ll be able to hawk his book at the end.

Chris, I’d love to hear one on how you guys do your commercial phone prospecting

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This is a good idea… put your whole commercial sales system into a webinar.

A webinar.on improving customer service including systems for quality control

I would prefer not to put the webinar on my self at this time of year. Time is stretched to thin to put something of high quality together.

Thats why I want to hire someone for it :slight_smile:

John Warrillow… I’m just sayin.